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is anyone else struggling with mood disorders and pots?

hi all-
I was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope when i was 9/10, and then with pots when I was 18, and now a few years later I have had some mental health issues arise and I've just recently been diagnosed with anxiety, personality and mood disorders. I'm wondering if there are other people struggling with the huge overlap in symptoms, as well as medications that seem to help.
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I am still struggling finding medications but I struggle with bipolar disorder and anxiety along with pots and possibly EDS, I have noticed an overlap of symptoms and it is difficult to make doctors understand. Sorry I don’t have answers but I hope that it helps to know you aren’t alone in your struggles
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The only treatment for pots frankly is exercise. And lots of it. Starting with rowing (you don’t have to stand so it’s easier) then eventually working up to standing exercise
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