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suspension tables

Has anyone tried the suspension tables as part of therapy for POTS?  I went to a home show yesterday and was feeling very tired and tried hanging from one for about 10 mins and it felt sooo good!    I was just wondering if this might be good for us.
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I don't know that there would be any lasting effects in terms of the circulatory aspects of dysautonomia (barring consideration of any comorbid disorders such as skeletal- or collagen-related disorders that can sometimes be found with dysauto because that'd be a more complex consideration) beyond the time you spend actually inverted and maybe a short period of time following.  

I would imagine that depending on the level of vascular dysfunction involved in your case of POTS, it might provide a level of relief to the subset of symptoms which are secondary to reduced cerebral perfusion in the upright position.  That is, for some it might provide relief, where for others there might be too much blood flow to the head and not enough control of this flow such that you're now faced with opposite problem of a head-up tilt table test:  the heart would be straining to pull blood up from the head to perfuse the rest of the body.  Mind you, this is PURELY speculation on my part.  I'm basing it on the facts that I can trigger migraines if I'm tilted too far upside down (particularly for too long), and I know that migraines can be a result of too much blood flow in the brain (with vessels widened, etc.).  It's a semi-educated guess?

So, in summary, it's probably temporary relief for some of us and a no-no for others.  I doubt it would have any sort of lasting "treatment" potential, but you might want to ask your doctor to double-check.  I haven't seen any medical literature about it in my research, so I don't think there have been clinical trials done in this regard.

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Hi Maritza,

I have never tried invertion tables, but it seems like a good idea - More blood to the brain :-)
It makes sense physiologically anyway - Was your heart rate improved?
Maybe POTSies and dysautonomics (is that a word?), we should all hang upside down like little bats :-)
Just need to find out how to suspend my computer upside down too!

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