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Birthday's And Angel Days

Hi!! So we can honor your Little Angel on his/her special day please enclose his/her Birthday and/or Angel Day

Cooper- Birthday: June 6, 2008
            Angel Day: July 23, 2008

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Mariah Grace----2 hours
Birthday: January 15, 2010
Angel Day: January 15, 2010
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Angle Day~August 12 2009
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Birthday : 20th:september :2009
Angel Day :25th:september:2009.
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Aiden Joseph-
Birthday: March 20, 2008
Angel Day: March 20, 2008

Preston Skye-
Birthday: March 20, 2008
Angel Day: March 20, 2008
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Matthew Jacob
Birthday/Angel Day: November 6, 2009
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Bridger B.
Birthday: October 10, 2009
Angel Day: October 10, 2009
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