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Hi, my name is Rachel and I am the mother of Baby Angel Cooper.  This site was created because of a dedicated and concerned member named Gokunangel. It was out of her love and respect for grieving parents that she asked Medhelp if this forum could be created.  She approached me about this, knowing all about my sweet little Cooper. Of course I said, "yes" and here we are! My hope for this site is that you may find comfort within each other and have a place to share all about your little Angel. I think being the Mother of a Guardian Angel is a pretty special thing!

Safely in His Arms......Forever in Our Hearts
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i think this forum is awesome. i have never experienced this but i honestly feel for women who have experienced a loss. I find the subject of still birth has been kept hush hush and this is a very good way to make people aware of the possibilities.. signs..etc...Way to go ladies...
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This is a GREAT forum. There are so many woman out there that dont know where to go and all the other pregnancy related forums have such a wide variety of topics it can be so scary looking and not knowing what to ask, say, who to turn to. This one is perfect with being specifically pinpointed. Thanks Ladies for thinking of it!!

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Aw TY Rachel! So happy you now have the forum up and going! GL with it Hun! Like I said b4 I know having a forum like this is going to benefit all of the ladies here on Medhelp! If you need anything just ask! God Bless & I will always be praying for you and everyone who comes onto the forum!!
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Love it!!! I remember your story and Amberlee's the most. As I have lost a baby very early on, nothing can compare to going through a pregnancy, or most of it..and losing a baby!

God Bless Rachel!
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