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i just wanted to say..

Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to say that I honestly wish you all of the love and happiness that the world can bring. Just reading some of your stories has made me realise just how often we lose the one person who is closest to us.. too soon. I too lost my little girl when I was 18 and it honestly felt like my world had caved in around me. When it happens to you, it feels like you have been so wronged, so badly and it appears like everyone else around you can go on and enjoy the pleasures in life. At the time, it felt like everyone else was having little babies and I couldnt understand what I had done so wrong, that I could possibly be facing -un boubtedly- the worst pain imaginable. Now, 3 years on, I still think about my beauitful baby but I know I have come out the other side. If you had asked me at the time, I would have told you that there was no light at the end of my dark tunnel, but there is. There is not a day that doesnt go by where i dont think of her, but i can tolerate and manage the pain that comes with the memory now. You all will too :)

my beautiful little girl was born at almost 5 months, on the 07/02/2008. Her name is
<3 Lily- Rose <3
she was absolutely beautiful and was a perfect combination of her daddy and myself.

I like to think of ourselves as on a rainbow..
When we lose are babies, we are at the start- where the clouds, rain and storms are
When we get past the darkness, we start to see the beauty of the world and travel along the rainbow..
When we finally go to sleep for the final time, we reach the end of our rainbow, where our angel babies are waiting for us... :)

Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk or anything.. :)

Sam :)
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Hi Sam,

What beautiful words! Thank you for sharing! It is truly amazing how are strength carries us through.....and with the gudiance of our Angels!

You are a fighter indeed!

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