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Bright red after wiping (only once)

I'm 27 years old and Im new here. my LMP was on July 10, 2012. I do have PCOS was dx back in 2002. I was taking Mononessa to keep myself having a period. I usually take BCP for about 6months after I have been off of them for 6months or so. I know, for me, usually it takes me about 2 months to get myself off the BCPs and get back to a "normal cycle" w/out any extra hormones. I had AF type cramps around the 2nd of Sepf, but no period. My boyfriend travels with his job, this time he was due to leave my local area on  Monday Sept 17, 2012. So that Sunday I stayed with him and after a little arguement we BD'd. It just so happens that the 16th was exactly 2 weeks from when I should have started my period. From a few sites that I have joined, they all say that btwn the 13th and 17th were my most fertile days. Ok fast forward to Sept 25th, 2012. Its late at night, and in our bathroom we have a nightlight type bulb, I went potty and wiped, seen a slight brown on the toilet paper, didn't think twice about it. 9/26- Took my daily vitamin, got my cup of coffee, and went to urinate. When I wiped I had a mini heart attack. I had a bright red blood smear on the toilet paper (it looks more like i cleaned up red kool-aid with t/p). I wiped a few more times and there was nothing. From then until now (9/29) I have had pretty consistant light brown to light pink discharge when I wipe. I have done a internal check on myself, and it came back once with a very very small clot (like the size of the metal part on an ink pen refill), and it has been  pink or light brown and kinda stringy...

I've also been getting headaches (migraines even, at times) just about every night for about a week. From 9/25-now I've been very nauseated and even vomitted a few times. My bb's are a little sore as are the nipples, I can't stand cheese cubes, and those are typically my fav. snack, my lower back hurts constantly, but no so bad I can't stand it, and my right hip hurts pretty bad too

My biggest concern is if anyone else has had a one time bright red  vaginal discharge and then it goes to pink then to brown, or if this is something bigger I should have checked out. I cannot test until Oct 1st, so please someone let me know if you have had this too and had a successful run.....

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