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4 weeks Pregnant - 8 weeks after M/C & D&C

Hi, just got my BFP on Monday after M/C & D&C in early November. I know I should be so excited, but I am just terrified. I am so worried about miscarrying again that I cannot even enjoy the news.

My OBGYN had me come in and begin blood work yesterday. My HCG levels are 67 which is consistant with someone who is 3-4 weeks pregnant. She said once my levels get to 2000 she will start monitoring me via weekly ultrasounds and blood work. It does make me feel better that she is going to monitor me more closely this time, but I am still scared. I am sure I will get very excited once I get through the first trimester and out of the "danger zone"

Thanks for all the loves & baby dust - It work!!! :-)

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I can totally understand that you are hesitant to celebrate...But, it is wonderful news!  Congratulations!  I also suffered a M/C in early November - It was our very first pregnancy - our first angel.  And I know I'll be a nervous wreck if or when I get the BFP.  

I send you a boat load of baby dust!!!
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Thank you!! I will definitely get excited as things progress, I am just terrified right now. I appreciate all the support I recieved here, it helped me get through a really rough time in my life. :-) Sending you lots of baby dust!! XXOO
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I am happy for u , i also miscarried 2 twins in early November.
I can't wait to be pregnant again.
Try to relaxed twinbabies, never be stressed or it will affect ur sensitive uterus.
And to u Cjfm12, i'm praying for u

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Just wanted to say congratulations. Hopefully we'll all get good news soon x
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Thank you for all the well-wishes! I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through everything without the support of this site!!

Lots of love & prayers for you all!!
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Hello everyone am new to this site and I understand how u all feel . I miscarried @ 4 months in November and had D&C .I never got my period after the D&C so on January 20 2011, I had an appointment with my doctor explain what has happened in the last two months and my missing period which I thought was because I was stressed and  still hurting from the lost of my baby but she tested me and told me I was pregnant and draw blood. February 2 nd I follow up for the results and she determine I was about 6 weeks pregnant . I was stocked surprised and worried all in one . I don't have any symptoms just heartburns and back aches . I have two boys already 8 and 15 yrs old never went through any of this with them . am so worried I cant be happy or excited. My husband has me being as lazy as ever but I so tired of sitting on my butt all day ,but the longer I stand the more pain . any suggestions to help
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