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5 1/2wks pregnant after loss of first baby

Hi All-
I happened across this forum in a search for support as I am really struggling.  I lost my first pregnancy at 8 1/2 weeks in September but didn't find out until almost 12 weeks.  I had a D&C in late Sept and found out two weeks ago I am pregnant again.  We had started trying my first normal cycle in January, and it apparently worked.

I am VERY anxious and stressed this time around, obviously.  I don't sleep well, I cry a lot and am very uneasy.  I have other stressers contributing to this: the fact that I am a step mom to a 12 yr old boy whose mother is NUTS, and might be moving back to her parents place out of state because she can't hold down a job, leaving us with my stepson full time, my sister in law is staying in our 'spare' bedroom, supposed to be our baby's room, for a little over a month now...she seems to take up a lot of hubby's attention, or at least keep it off me and our new, stressful pregnancy.

I just need support, help and listening ears right now I think.  I am really struggling with going through the first irritating hormonal and physical changes of early pregnancy.  This time the bloating and mood swings aren't fun to go through knowing it is because of a baby.  I am afraid there won't be a baby after going through them because there wasn't before.

I'd love to know you are all out there supporting as I am here to support you now.

First ultrasound is a week and a half away on the 15th...

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I am sorry to hear that this is not an exciting time for you.  Please take a moment from all of the crazy stressers in your life and celebrate your exciting pregnancy.  I was the same way when I found out I was pregnant after our loss.  I think I had about 8 ultrasounds the first trimester.  It is natural to be a little apprehensive about the pregnancy.  I remember telling my husband that I did not want to get too excited for fear the baby would be taken from us again.  Well my little one is now 2 months old and the pregnancy went perfectly fine.  I now know I lost the first one so that I could have my wonderful son that I couldn't imagine life without.  God works in mysterious ways.  Your little one in heaven is going to look over your new little one growing strong inside you.

It is ok to be stressed.  Embrace it and love every minute of it.

As for your sister-in-law.  I think it is time to go!  Just speak your mind and blame it on the hormones.  That's what I always did.  Good luck to you.  Keep us all posted on your progress.  Looking forward to hearing about your Ultrasound.
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Thanks so much for the support need-answers.  It is really great to keep hearing stories about subsequent pregnancies going well.  My other sister in law has had two, the second being right around the time I had mine.  It obviously can happen, and I try not to think about it.  I will feel better and better as time progresses I believe.  The first ultrasound probably won't, as my first last time was perfectly fine, but my second one showed no heart beat so that one I need to get past.  The waiting is the hardest.

I'm so sorry to hear about your first loss, but it is really wonderful to hear about your new family addition, and that things went well.  I will certainly let you know how things progress.

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Hi Hon,
How did the u/s go?  Hope all is well.  Give us an update.
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