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6 wks and 2 days with no pregnancy symptoms

Hello All,

I have joined this community a few weeks ago,have gone thru most of the posts and felt so awed at looking such a strong supportive group of women!, was about to msg bernie 40 to add me to the cycle buddies list when I got my BFP... After going thru 2 MC's before I really didn't want it to sink in and waited..over the past 2 wks I took several HPT tests and they all came back positive, but I have been having brown spotting(very light) on and off and have no pregnancy symptoms what so ever! a little bit of breast tenderness is pretty much all I have... I initially thought abt waiting for 9 wks before going to the dr, but with the spotting I made an appointment for next week, mean while there are so many thoughts going thru my head and I am super scared and terrified that I may be losing another baby....just wanted to get it out and find out if any one had any similar experiences with not having any symptoms... sorry abt my rant. You guys are a great group and I am so happy to have found it. SSBD to all of u who are ttc'ing.
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Hi PT! Welcome to our group! You can always have Bam add your name to the Belly Buddies list, now that you got your BFP!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Most of us know the torture we go through when we get our BFP after having a loss. A time we should be celebrating we're walking on eggshells and always fearing the worse, unfortunately it's the way it is. I'm glad to hear that you made your appointment, we can never be to safe. Brown spotting early in pregnancy can be very common, brown usually indicates "old" blood, red is not always a good thing though. As for symptoms, I hardly had any in my pregnancies, with my first I didn't know I was pg until I was almost 5 months!!!LOL Don't be sorry about ranting, we're all here for the same reason, someone to listen to us. Stay positive and enjoy everyday with your little bean :)

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Hi PT,  I am kind of in the same boat.  I am also spotting and have been for a week.  I go in for an u/s next week to check things out again.  I am slowly starting to notice symptoms.  We thought I was 6 weeks last week and did an u/s to find out I'm only measuring 5 weeks.  So 8/25 is the day for me.  Hopefully all goes well with your appt.  I was feeling the same way when I started spotting and the dr made me wait to come in until we thought I was 6 weeks.  Stay positive and if you want to talk let me know.
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PT, I also had 2 mc's prior to my current pregnancy. I also had some brown spotting early on in this pregnancy and I am now almost 16w. When I seen the brown I broke down and thought it was all over, try not to stress and relax and stay off your feet as much as possible. I had a large bleed when the did my us at 7 weeks, I was told it could go either way.... I was self medicating with this pregnancy with baby asprin. I stopped the baby asprin and by my 11 week appt there was no sign of the bleed.
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Oh yeah I also have had very few pregnancy symptoms other than sore boobies. I hope all turn out well for you. Pray, pray and pray some more!!! That's what I did..prayer is powerful!!
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Hi PT....first Congrats on your BFP....we all know how exciting is to see the BFP in the hpt but for some of us it also brings fear.....I had no pregnancy symptoms I had sore bbs around 12 wks....with this preg I did bleed around 9 wks and it is the most awful thing a woman can see (blood) while pregnant. Not only did I have a little bit of blood but also some small clots too. We rushed to the ER and at that moment I raised my hands up and was ready to quit.... then we prayed, hope for the best but expected the worst... thank God everything was fine. Now I am 26 wks preg and everything is looking good....like the other girls said usually brown is old blood, try to rest as much as possible and to relax. Remember not all women get same pregnancy symptoms and there's some of us that almost get none....think positive....hope everything goes well with your appt...................Ana
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Thank you so much ladies! now I feel so much better knowing that people who went to MC's and brown spotting are having healthy pregnancies! Thank god to that, yea as you all said I am just prying and leaving everything to god this time... but still the worry is never ending. Hopefully things go well. Good luck to you all and thank you so much for the support :).

@lori: Hope you are doing well and recovering well, I feel like I know you from reading all your posts even though we never talked before :) this is an awesome thing you are doing with this group. Much appreciated.

@mol6541: I can imagine how you must be feeling...we are in the same boat for sure, lets hope both our appointments go well and we get good news.

Hoping that we all have a sticky sticky bean! Thankyou!
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Hi ladies,

Just got back from my appointment, they did an U/S and the baby was measuring 6 wks 3 days, according to my LMP it should be 7 wks 1 day!!! The doc said it may mean there is a problem or may be I just ovulated late.  We were able to see the heartbeat though! She wants to see me every week now.... my next appointment is for next Thursday, hope that goes well and I have sticky bean! Thank you all for keeping me in your thoughts and for all the support.
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That's great that you got to see the HB!!

I just wanted to agree with the rest of the ladies about brown blood typically being "old" blood.  Also, I have had almost zero pg symptoms at all.  I am currently 20 weeks.  My first tri-mester I was exceptionaly tired and that was it.  No morning sickness, no growing boobies, no major hormone mood swings.  It really had me freaked out.  But so far so good, so no pg symptoms isn't always a bad sign!

And yes, I can add you to the Belly Buddies list next time I do one.  I've been a little behind lately with life getting in the way - LOL.
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PT- I am glad to hear everything went well and you were able to see a hb....at my 8 wk appt they said I was measuring about 7wks so a week behind I guess when they are so little it is harder to get an accurate measurement now baby is measuring a couple of days ahead....it's good that they are checking up on you to make sure everything continues fine.
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Thank you! yea,so far so good I guess , I should be thankful for what God gave and know that he knows best!  I am so glad that there are others who haven't had any symptoms and continued on with healthy pregnancies. I am nervous abt the next appointment... and also the fact that she wants to do weekly scan as I am a high risk case, aren't that many U/S bad for the baby? okay now I am worrying too much i guess :)

@Babyhope: Thank you! You made me feel better by saying that they are too small at this stage to be measuring accurately and the fact that u measured small and now are ahead is wonderful news to me :)

I don't know what I would have done w/o this community and people taking the time to post a comment, it is a huge help and I am so glad, thank you all :) I will keep you all posted.
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