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After birth pain

So no one prepares you for what happens to your body after giving birth.  I have hemorrhoids, stitches, bruising, a UTI and yeast infection.  Not to mention very sore irritated nipples.  Not to say that my little man doesnt make it all worth it, I just wondered what some of you did to cure some of these symptoms.  The doctor said he wont treat anything because I am breast feeding.  He will treat the UTI but not until my urine culture comes back in 4 days.  Those of you that have had a UTI know that 4 days is agony when you have one.  The hemorrhoid treatments all say not to use while breastfeeding so what do you do.  I know there is someone out there that had this problem.  Help, please!  
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Hi something you can try is to drink cranberry juice, or a mix like cranapple, crangrape...etc.  These can help at the onset of a uti or bladder infection and make sure you drink lots of water.  It will give you some relief but will not take care of everything at this point.

For the yeast infection you can try eating yogurt.  That is a way I was told to help prevent getting yeast infections and if I got one it would help balance things back out.

Stay in contact with your dr also and see if there is anything else they can do to help you.

I'm sorry you're having to go through so much.  I hope both you and your little one are doing well.

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Your little guy is young and your nipples will be very sore right now but the best thing to do is to keep nursing him. When my boys were brand new my mother (a Le Leche League Leader in the 1970's) gave me this advice and I thought she was crazy.  She said to give nursing 6 weeks (try to avoid pacifiers and bottles) and the discomfort will go away.  She was right...there is something magical about reaching that sixth week.  Not sure if your nipples are cracked or if you are just engorged but soaking your nipples in a warm tub and massaging to releave some of the engorgement can help.    

I agree mol6541 on the cranberry juice--it won't cure the UTI but can help as will yogurt (with both the UTI and the yeast infection).  As for the stiches, spray warm water on yourself while you go to the bathroom--it helps to lessen the burn.  With my first son the OBGYN cut me and with my second I asked if I could tear instead--tearing was much better and healed quicker than the cut--something to think about for next time.

As for your hemroids, my polarity therapist suggested placing a cut potato on your bottom and leaving it in your underware for 30 minutes at a time.  I know that it sounds very weird but it did work to relieve discomfort believe it or not!  

Hang it there, things will get a lot better.
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Hey I wanted to check and see how you and your little man are doing?  Did your dr get things taken care of so you are more comfortable?  I hope things are going better for you.
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It turns out after spending a week in the NICU after he was born he was having trouble latching since they exclusively bottle feed to ensure he was getting enough milk.  They supplemented with formula when I couldnt pump enough.  

The LC told me to use a breast shield to help with nursing.  It worked like a charm but now I cant get him to nurse without it.  The LC said it is perfectly ok to nurse with the shield but I have read that it is not a good idea....who knows.

I am feeling much better now..3 weeks after birth.  My stitches are still there which worries me a little bit...arent those supposed to dissolve?   My hemorrhoids do not hurt as bad and I treat them daily.  Got antibiotics for the UTI and that cleared up.  

Things seem to be on the up and up.  Thanks for your help.
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I'm glad to hear things are going better for you.  One thing my dr told me when I had my little girl was to follow your instincts. You will know what's best for your child.  If you're not sure call the dr and they will give you their opinion.

I wish you the best of luck. My little guy should be here in April and hopefully things will go smoothly this time...
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