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Belly Buddies - 7/18/10

YAY for MORE babies and BFP's!! Congrats to LiLinz and Natalie on their new additions and to treatgirl and tiffh on the long-awaited BFP's!

Our prayers and sympathy go out to hudsy during this difficult time for her.  She's a strong lady and I know that we'll see her stick back over here soon!

Buns already done:
Mapes/Melissa - Adam - 6/14/09
Dani - Colter - 7/19/09
kc1021 - Olivia Kate - 7/23/09
Tiger63/Stacey - Lillian Kathleen - 8/6/09
pat4rod/Patty - 9lb boy - 8/17/09
Ashmcc - Kamryn - 8/17/09
CacyMichelle - Addison Grace - 8/24/09
Munter - Lincoln Brian - 9/6/09
avik7/Anna - Jamin Scott - 9/16/09
Latrice - Trinity Allyssa - 9/18/09
nickswife/Gigi - Abby Nickole - 10/14/09
kgokgo/Niki - Isabelle - 10/18/09
BP0629/Brandy - Allison Jean - 10/24/09
melo1224 - ??? - 11/10/09
cari227 - Alyssa Marie - 11/14/09
hazeleyes/Amanda - Ali - 11/25/09
popcorn/Julie - ??? - 11/29/09
mikaleen/Aileen - Emma Claire - 12/1/09
LadyM84/Lisa - Evan Zack - 12/3/09
elisha123 - Brianna - 12/10/09
youme123/Leigh - Boy - ????
YogaChick/Mira - Ziva Ariana - 1/16/10
Mialvan/Maria - June - 1/16/10
GMB/Gina - BOY - 3/15/10
tinkerbell101/Deb - Daniel Ethan - 3/30/10
Msteri - Chole - 4/30/10
EricaB28 - Emma Rea - 5/18/10
Princessa745/Rossie - Jeyden
Steph9803 - Gavin
LiLinz - Thomas - 7/7/10
Natalie910 - Samuel Bradly - 7/12/10

Buns still cooking:
Steph_b - 38 - Girl - 7/31/10
HeatherLF16 - 38 - Boy - 8/3/10
Peterjl/Mary - 38 - Girl - 8/5/10
TCGirl - 35 - Girl - 8/21/10
TeddiH - 33 - 9/8/10
rachaellou06 - 29 - 10/2/10
cocacolapanda/Amy - 29 - Girl - 10/6/10
szw2008/Sam - 28 - 10/11/10
Dmarie/Dana - 27 - boy - 10/18/10
nunu/Vanessa - 27 - boy - 10/22/10
Nikkij6577 - 26 - 10/26/10
missmyangel/Theresa - 25 - boy - 10/30/10
Youngmum20 - 25 - 10/31/10
Pips - 25 - girl - 11/1/10
annalc - 25 - boy - 11/5/10
babyhope8/Ana - 22 - 11/25/10
trying_x_3 - 21 - 12/3/10
1angelbabyM/Gina - 20 - Girl - 12/9/10
lori0615 - 19 - 12/13/10
Gailybaby - 17 - 12/26/10
need_answers - 17 - 12/29/10
bam1014/bridgette - 15 - 1/8/11
deedee4321 - 15 - 1/15/11
anxiouslywaiting/Tausha - 11 - 2/7/11
ilovemyson23 - 9 - 2/21/11
Dani711 - 8
andreasmom - 7 - 3/10/11
princessjam/Jamie - 7 - 3/12/11
treatgirl/Chelle -
tiffh - 4 - 3/25/11

Ok, 3 more babies due any minute now. . . Who is going to go next??
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Thanks for adding me to the list, its especially exciting since my best friend and sister is 5th from the top.. glad were on the same list teddi..
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Thanks for adding me also.  I think my due date should be 3/21/11.

I hope everyone is just doing great.

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Bridgette you are truely amazing to keep this thread going!

Congratulations  LiLinz and Natalie!

Well done treatgirl and tiffh, a happy and healthy pregnancy to you both.

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I cant believe ill be in my third trimester in a few days! I cant decide if time is moving too fast or not fast enough... lol
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Congrats to the two new babies and the two new preggers on the list!  

Vanessa - I know what you mean, time's gone pretty fast for me, but it's never fast enough since I'm still preggers!  lol.

So on top of the baby moving a lot to keep me up, I now have hiccups to deal with.  This weekend I felt hiccups for the first time, and of course it had to be while I was trying to sleep!  If she's anything like my son she'll be born and get them like crazy and sound like a little squeeky toy, hehe.  On top of that I'm not looking foreword to my apt on Wednesday, the glucose test is not a fun one!  But on the bright side I'm down to 79 days left :)
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Yay!  Congrats to the New BFPs!!  

Thanks Bridgette for the new list...so nice to keep seeing my name rise up the list!!
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Congrats to the new Mommies and congrats to the new BFP's!!!  I just have to get through tomorrow and then wake up wed morning and it is appt time!!! YYYYAAAAYYYY I am soooo excited and soo nervous all at the same time.
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Hi Ladies-  It's so nice to hear about healthy babies being born & new BFP!  

Tausha- You must be so excited about tomorrow!  I can't wait to see those precious ultrasound pictures!

WOW- I'm first on the list, how exciting!!!  I'm still hanging around...Waiting.....Sorry this is TMI- but I'm excited as I think it means I'm making some progress.  I lost my mucus plug last night.  Hopefully this means labor is just around the corner.  Although I know it could still be a few weeks.
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Wow! Congrats to the newbies!

Well, had my appt yesterday....and we're having a GIRL!!!!! DH is now saying he wants to try again for a boy too lol!! We were going to keep it a secret but DH is really proud of his baby and wanted to tell everyone lol!! My placenta is in the front though which makes movement harder to feel, but I started feeling "kicks" yesterday!! Olivia Lynn is so cute, she just kept trying to snuggle in as close to me as she could get, the ultrasound tech commented that she had never seen a baby trying to get that close to the mother before! Olivia also kept putting her little hand infront of and all over her face so we couldn't get a clear picture but close enough!! Oh and the reason I still have to pee a lot is because she's closer to my bladder since she's toward my back!! Everything looked okay though...even though I've only gained a pound :-( that's 4-5 pounds total :-( but Olivia is at 11 ounces which they told me was normal! Well, hope you ladies have a wonderfull day!
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Trying - That's amazing!  I'm so excited, another girl in the group!
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Cocacolapanda - I know really exciting! And the best part is that DH is now talking about having another (he was set on a vasectamy...we're 22!!) so we can try for a boy too!! Looks like we have more girls than boys!!
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It's so wonderful to see Bridgette in charge of the Belly Buddies list while she's firmly on the Belly Buddies list!  

And it's really weird to see Dani on there twice!  I'm in no rush to join.

Congratulations to the new babies and to the new BFP's!!

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