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Hi ladies, well I'm not sure how well this list has been put together lol, if I've got anyones dates wrong or missed anyone off then i apologise most profusely!

First of all though I want to wish Lori all the best and let her know that we are all here for her.  ((((hugs)))


Ok, we've got some to throw off the train :D  CONGRATULATIONS to:

princessjam/Jamie - 03/12/2011
anxiouslywaiting/Tausha - 02/07/2011
andreasmom - 03/10/2011
GBen - 02/21/2011
hudsy - 02/14/2011
raelou - BFP 12 May

Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months to you all and please drop us some SSBD once in a while :D

For those of us still on the train this month:

treatgirl/Chelle -        5dpo
12121980/Joy -       10dpo
preciouspg -            10dpo
northernsunshine -  12dpo
queenspade -            4dpo

jenni1187 -               CD3
wannababy -            CD14
Bernie40/Helen -      CD17

Somewhere inbetween:


Lots of SUPER STICKY BABY DUST to everyone and once again apologies if I've missed anyone off.

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Hi all, hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  i've been a busy bee today in my drive to get all my jobs done so I can take it easy tomorrow.  I have the good fortune of going to my parents for my traditional Sunday Roast and then a BBQ in the evening (please keep fingers crossed for nice weather), so no cooking for me hurrah!

I'm CD17 today, haven't a clue when I'm due as last AF came at CD16, no signs yet though so that's something to be grateful for.  

Really praying hard for those of you in the TWW and hoping that we get some more BFP''s real soon.

Helen xx
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Great job Helen!!  Thanks for the list. I was thinking I need to start a new Belly Buddies list tomorrow and it seems I have lots of new names to add.

Congrats to the BFPs. Many prayers out to Lori. And tons of SSBD to all!!
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Awsome job bernie40- I'm sure Lori is proud :)

SSBD to all and all my prayers to Lori....take care my friend.
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YAY!!! I would love to see a new belly buddies list :)
What is going on with Lori? Should I be praying for her?!?!? -- I'm not quite sure...

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Helen, you did a GREAT job! Thank you sooo much for your help! But hey, wheres my name????? Just kidding, i'm taking a little break from TTC until I know where I stand but i'm still temping and following everything so I don't get lost =) Still crossing my fingers that you'll be getting kicked off this list asap!

Jamie, I found out last week that I have breast cancer(god I hate writing that!!) So if you will keep me in your prayers, thanks.

Thank you all for the prayers. xoxox

Sprinkling baby dust over all of you!!
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Great Jog HELEN!!! It feels great to see many of us moving to the other side.. it definately gives hope...

Lori-- will keep praying for you!! sending some postive vibes ur waY!!

10dpo and i caved in and took a test(Internet cheapies) i got a BFN as expected. I dont know if its really early or not. 10dpo seems decent enough for me.. i am not got giving up though. i am gonna keep testing until 14dpo and if i still dont get A BFP then i am going to stop my progesterone....

SSBD TO ALL.........
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Hi Lori - I wasn't sure whether to put you on the list or not :(  thinking about it I could have just put you down as taking a break   hopefully you'll be back on the list before we know it and actively ttc.  Saying tons of prayers for you that the next stage will be purely a formality.  :-D xx

Bridgette - thank you - there sure are a load of newbies for your belly buddy list, lol, our train is getting smaller and smaller which is great news.

12121980 - don't be despondent, it's still a tad too early for the hpt's, I'm as bad as you and start testing too early - why do we do that to ourselves, lol?  fingers crossed that in a few days you'll get a different reading :D

SSBD ladies :D
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Bernie40- you did a great job!

Well girls I sure hope you all have a safe and happy 4th!

So  now I am at 6dpo and I had a pretty big dip in my temps. yesterday, but they came right back up this morning.  HUmmmm  wonder if that is implatation.  LOL  This gets to be like a guessing game and every day I am so eager for the next to see where my temp will be.  Ha  I am crazy!

Well Congrats to all the bfps and ssbd to the rest.
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Joy 10DPO is still pretty early. I got a BFN at 9DPO on the $store test and then got my BFP at 14DPO. So don't give p hope!

I will get to the new Belly Buddy list today or tomorrow at the latest. Looking forward to the new additions.
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Helen-  The new list looks great!  It's nice to see that the train is getting so small!

Lori- I hope your taking some time for yourself and relaxing.  I'm praying for you and a speedy treatment/recovery!  

Baby dust for everyone else!!!!
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Morning Ladies:)

It's sure nice to see our 'Spirits High' and know that we can all stay close to lift and support one another in this 'Journey of Life:)

Well, 10DPO and I had a slight temp. dip, which always makes me cringe:(...But, I look at it this way...Whether I coneive this cycle or another...I always tell myself that...'The Possibility Is Always There:)  

Sending...'BLESSINGS TO ALL!!!:)
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Too Funny...LOL!!!  I'm 11DPO.  I guess I'm not obsessing soo much this cycle..lol!:)
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