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Hello everyone and I am very for all our losses. My husband and I had a d&e when I was almost 5 months back in September of 2010. The baby had a very severe case of diaphragmatic hernia. It was the most devistating and heart breaking thing to ever happen to us. We did everything in our power to save our little one but she was not going to survive once born. I am 42 years old and ready to try again especially knowing that my time is limited. However, even though my husband had said he was ready he has avoided making love and confessed that he is afraid. Our experience was very, very traumatic and I understand where he is coming from but, my time is running out. I feel like all of a sudden we are grieving all over again.  
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I am so sorry for your loss. You and your husband are the only ones that can decide when it is time to try again. I had a loss in march 2010 and we decided to try again as soon as the dr said it was safe. When I got my bfp honestly I sat there and cried. I then told my husband and cried some more. The little guy I'm carrying has helped us heal but obviously there is still some worry. I am monitored closely due to having gestational diabetes. I'm 33 weeks and go to the dr twice a week.

My best advice is to talk to your husband and decide what is best for both of you and them just take one day at a time. That's really all we can do because there is only so much we can control.  I wish you lots of luck!  Ssbd
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i am so sorry for you loss .
only time will heal .. I started seeing a grievance counselor after my second loss maybe that will help moves things along for you and your husband. good luck and i will pray for you . xoxoxo
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Please don't give up! Miracles are happening everywhere! I'm so sorry about your baby! Do this in memory of her! It's only too late when we are left without a uterus or worst without a husband! I myself have suffered 6 losses but I refuse to give up! My son was 19w4dys when my waterbag broke 2 weeks ago...I do not have any children. I do however have faith! You will be a wonderful mother and your husband will also be a great daddy & a happy one.... that you did not give up!
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