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Confused...can anybody help??

I'm posting this question because i want to start ttc again, but im confused as to when i can. I've read that a lot of women will ovulate approx 14 days after a miscarriage, but i dont know when to start counting from... i found out i lost my baby on the 16/01 but i'd had a missed miscarriage and that my body wasnt letting it go. it had died at 7weeks. i began to bleed slightly on the 21/01 then chose to take the tablets on the 26/01... i think i passed everything on the 27th and the 28/01. i've continued to bleed very lightly ever since. My question is this : if i'm going to ovulate at aroung 14 days after, then what date will that be?? i am still testing positive, albeit its a very faint line now, and there is still a small amount of blood when i wipe (sorry for tmi) i've not been intimate with my oh since 16/01 as i didnt want to risk infection, does anybody know if we can start again now??  
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I'm so sorry for your loss :-(

You will not ovulate until all of the pregnancy hormone (HCG) is out of your system. Once your body understands it's no longer pregnant it will release an egg. This usually happens 2-4 weeks after you miscarry. If you have taken a test and there is still a faint positive line then you still have HCG in your system. I would either have your doctor take blood and test your HCG levels every few days until it reads 0, or continue to take pregnancy test until it comes back negative. Once you get the negative, you body should have started the ovulation process. Regarding being intimate with your hubby, my doctor told me to wait for two weeks before having sex again to minimize the risk of infection.

Just to let you know, I miscarried on Nov 5th, had my first period on Dec 6th and found out I was pregnant again on Jan 4th. So I am proof that you can get pregnant quickly after having a miscarriage. :-)

I hope I have helped. I am here if you need to talk!!

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Firstly congratulations on your new pregnancy, i really hope all goes well and that you are blessed with the healthy baby you obviously deserve. This site and the amazing woman on it have really helped me through the most difficult time, and your advice has been invaluble... I have a follow up app at the hospital on wednesday (2 weeks after medical management) so we are going to wait for the all clear before we bd again. I think the waiting has become the hardest part. Just hope i get my BFP soon.

Thanks again xx
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This site has helped me tremendously!! I am glad you have found some help and support here. I hope your levels are back down to zero and you can start trying again. I didn't realize how many women have miscarriages in between successful pregnancies! It is alot more common than I even realized. Please keep me posted on how things go at your next appointment. I will be praying for your BFP soon!!!! Take care of yourself!

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Just a quick update... i was still testing positive at the app, but an ultra sound showed there was just blood left over. Im happy i've been given the all clear, but a little fed up today as the bleeding still hasn't stopped. Do you know if its normal to be still bleeding and testing positive 15 days after a miscarriage?? I found out i'd lost my baby on the 16/01 so i'm really just ready for it to be over now... sorry for sounding so down in the dumps today, but i'd be lying if i said it wasn't taking its toll a little bit :(

i think i saw a post saying that you wasn't very well today.... i really hope you feel better soon. Thanx again for everything.

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Hey Angela,

Bleeding after natural miscarriage is very normal. You didn't do a D&C, so your body is taking time to heal and clean itself.
I miscarried naturally around 16 of November 2010, i took medicament instead of doing D&C,
for more than 2 months i saw bleeding from time to time each time i wiped.
Until my doc found that i have an ovary cyst which i removed it from 2 weeks.
Now i am taking Marvelon for 21 days and waiting my period.

Just give it some time, u miscarried naturally, so let ur body heal naturally.
Keep it up girl..

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Hey Solenar,

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I'm feeling much better today as there has been no bleeding at all... don't want to speak to soon as i've gone a day without before and then the day after ive began to bleed again, but hopefully its a good indication that the end is near.

Good luck to everyone, i will keep you posted and i hope to hear updates from yourselves also.... hopefully i'l be able to help someone as you have helped me one day

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Ok ladies, just letting you know that the bleeding seems to have finally stopped and i have my BFN (never thought i'd be so happy to say that lol) Anyways the BD can begin so wish me luck!!

Thanks again for all your support xx
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I am so glad you are able to start trying again! Please keep us posted as to how you are doing!  I am here if you need to talk :-)
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