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Cycle Buddies - 11/22

Just a note to all new group memebers . . . if you want to join our cycle buddies all you have to do is let me know.  The more the merrier!  And as a side, I'm sorry, but I just can't keep track of CD's unless you have a tracker here on MH.

OK . . . so here we go again!!!!  I promise to be more regular now that I am on a break from school :)

Waiting to stop at the BFP station:
Steph_b - 12 DPO
Dmarie/Dana - 10 DPO
ilovemyson23 - 7 DPO
nunu1977/Vanessa - 1 DPO
Queenspade/Jenn - 1 DPO
TeddiH - 1 DPO
ladyashia/Judy-Ann - TWW?

Riding that train full speed ahead:
smr/Lori - CD14
anxiouslywaiting/Tausha - CD10
peterjl/Mary - CD10
Northernsunshine - CD3

Waiting at the station:
bam/bridgette - UMMM UGH!
preciouspg/Denise - still waiting on hubby :)

Somewhere in between?

Let's keep rollling ladies.  I know that Aileen wants to add a couple of more BFP's to her list before she pops!
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looks good bridgette. thanks.
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I'm on CD-18... have a follicle check on Wednesday to make sure my follicles are back to normal before they put me on more Clomid.  I have an appointment with an RE on Dec. 4th... can't wait!!
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Bridgette , it looks great !!!! Thank you so much for all your work ;)
I am still waiting for AF .... Wow not sure what's going on ??!!!
B.dust to you all :)
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Bridgette- fantastic job as always! I'm hoping to stop at that BFP station! Still spotting a bit so I better try and stay awake tonight, poor DH is exhausted from his crazy day(so sad)LOL
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Lori - did you stay awake ?!?!
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Good morning ladies!! Passing by to sprinkle some baby dust!! \_/ **************************

Lori, SSBD to you hun!!!!

How are you girls in the tww doing?
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Good morning...unloading some baby dust that's not needed anymore ******************

I'll probably get one more thread done before this baby girl makes her grand entrance so lots of BFP's would be great!!  

Lori, I'll be anxiously waiting to miss your good news!  It'll be great to come home and find you posting a BFP...you make sure he doesn't complain about no stiff neck!  And then you can take over the thread for a little. =)

Bridgette...I wish I was waiting for your BFP too, but I keep praying AF just nmakes her appearance for you. You and Lori are due next month, the wisdom of FB says so!!
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Good morning ladies.  Well I have soem good news I got my BFP this morning at 13 DPO....I can't believe it.  I thought I  was out this cycle with being sick and all during ovulation..  OMG OMG.. I'm so excited/ nervous..  Hubbys birthday is on Friday trying to wait to tell him then.  I don't know if I can hold out or not
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Morning everyone!

Bridgette- we were down for the count! I hope I didn't miss my chance. DH asked me lastnight if it was pregnancy bleeding because of that happening with my first pregnancy, thats the first time since our loss that we actually talked about being pregnant! I would love for his theory to be right :)

Aileen- for some reason I think you'll know before you get home;) Me and Bridgette talked about hiring a lawyer if FB is wrong.LOL

Steph_b- OMG!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! What a way to start the week! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!

As for me, still spotting a bit.
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Woo hoo!! Congratulations Steph!! Oh my i don't know if i could hold out till friday, but if you do take another digital and wrap it and give it to him on friday, lol....
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Lori, i'm sending you loads , buckets full of baby dust!! Get busy11 Your DH maybe right. Remember my BF had said like 10 days before he had dream i was pregnant and he turned out to be right....
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Congrats steph!!  We needed another BFP.  Way to pull through for the team!  See it does happen when u least expect it!
Lori what am I going to do with u?!?  U better get busy tonight or I'll send someone over to thump u ;)

I'm still waiting for a call back from my dr to see if we can force AFs arrival.
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Thanks Ladies.   I am completely surprised by this.

Lori I hope DH is onto something.....  Keep the BFP coming!
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Bridgette, i hop you dr' gives you something soon. We need you to hop back on the train!!
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Rossie- I need that truck load full! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Bridgette- I know, I know, I tried so hard to stay awake, but this LR is killing both of us. I'm on it tonight! I hope they get you something to bring that *itch on, remember, FB says we're gonna be belly buddies!

Steph_b- maybe i'll be able to join you in the BFP world!
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Lori...Ha! I can just imagine the look on some lawyer's face when you and Bridgette explain the situation!  

Bridgette...I'm close enough to thump her in time to get her @ss in gear!  If i felt like I was in any condition for some thumping I'd be there, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take much for her to defend herself against me. =)

Steph_b...congrats!  I'm glad your daily visits to the other thread rubbed off on you, and it'll be nice to add another name before I'm out of service for a bit!
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Steph_b.....Woo Hoo! Congrats!!  What a great way to start a Monday morning~!

Lori....get on it girl!  You & I are gonna be belly buddies soon!!!
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Steph_b, congrats!!! I am so happy for you! What a great surprise...Good luck keeping it a secret until Friday :)

Lori, I am praying that this is good news!! You have to get busy for sure!!!

Bridgette, good luck with the RE...hoping she'll give you something to get the witch to show for you!
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LOL Aileen.  That would be quite the explanation to lawer.  I would say we would need to go for a jury trial with the jury being only women :)

I am so annoyred the dr hasn't called back yet!  It's time for me to get going so Lori and I WILL be belly buddies!

Hey I'm almost used to typing on this touch screen!!
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Aileen- maybe if you come and thump me it will get things rolling and that little girl of yours will want to come out to see who's butt you thumped!

Jenn- hope you've been a busy little bee!

Natalie- tonight we're going to bed early, the stinky primer on the walls will be my excuse to call it an early night.hehe!

Bridgette- we can summons all of our FB and MH friends, no judge in their right mind would go against this crew! Theres no doubt in my mind that we'll be cyber shopping together for maternity clothes!  
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Lori, we have definitely been busy!  Had a family emergency on Sat. night but we are still tryin to do what we have to do!  ;)

Bridgette, I hope AF shows her nasty self soon so you can get back on board with all of us!!!
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ooppss I posted on the old thread =) How is everyone doing?  Hope everyone is having a producive baby making week lol SSBD
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So ladys , this is crazy .......
I had a appoint. Today with a Tibetan Dr. From
Boston . Very well known ....... Anyway ....
I went to see her to c if I am okay , back on track with reproductive system and if there are any Tibetan herbal remedies to help with conception !?
Well , she checked my puls ( puls diagnosis) and she sad I am pregnant !!!! " it would be very very early ... And that I should test in a couple days and would def. Get a + result . I questioned it a couple of times .... She sad she is a  dr for 37 yrs and is ver sure that I am pregnant !!! Wow .... Okay , we will c .... That would be crazy if she would be right , knowing by just checking my puls !!! I think I will test tonight beta hcg !!!
I will let you ladys know ;)
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Jenn- we're trying to squeeze some bd'ing in between the work in my living room! We missed lastnight because we were just so tired so hopefully we'll be on for tonight. Good luck to you!

Tausha- Hi! How have you been?

Judy-Ann- That would be crazy! You better let us know asap. This could be interesting.

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