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Cycle Buddies - 12/6

This journey called TTC is a rollarcoasater for sure.  We have survived ups and downs and the most recent events serve to bring us closer together.

Let's keep this train rolling ahead!

Hurtling towards the BFP station:
lori0615 - 11DPO
bam/bridgette - 9DPO
Dmarie/Dana - 4DPO
anxiouslywaiting/Tausha - CD24

Riding that train full spead ahead:
northersunshine - CD17
Fugititve06 - CD11
ilovemyson23 - CD7
TeddiH - CD5

Getting ready to catch the next train:
nunu1977/Vanessa - CD3
smr/Lori - :(
preciouspg/Denise - waiting for hubby

Somewhere in between:

We will triumph!  We will reach our dreams!  Don't forget "I Believe".
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Don't forget me !
Waiting for my three cycles before I can start ttc !
I am so happy to be apart of this group.
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i mean part of this group
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I just put you on my spreadsheet!  I'll get your name on the next list :)

I try to start a new list every weekend, but I've been slacking lately getting through the end of my finals.
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Bridgette- Great job! I couldn't have said it better myself.xoxo
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Thanks ! Good luck on your finals !
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Gina - Thanks!!!  I finished them all up and am done for this semester.  Whew, now I'm taking my next semester off just to concentrate on me, my husband and my disaster of a house - LOL

Lori -  xoxoxoxo
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