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Cycle Buddies - 12/6

This journey called TTC is a rollarcoasater for sure.  We have survived ups and downs and the most recent events serve to bring us closer together.

Let's keep this train rolling ahead!

Hurtling towards the BFP station:
lori0615 - 11DPO
bam/bridgette - 9DPO
Dmarie/Dana - 4DPO
anxiouslywaiting/Tausha - CD24

Riding that train full spead ahead:
northersunshine - CD17
Fugititve06 - CD11
ilovemyson23 - CD7
TeddiH - CD5

Getting ready to catch the next train:
nunu1977/Vanessa - CD3
smr/Lori - :(
preciouspg/Denise - waiting for hubby

Somewhere in between:

We will triumph!  We will reach our dreams!  Don't forget "I Believe".
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Don't forget me !
Waiting for my three cycles before I can start ttc !
I am so happy to be apart of this group.
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i mean part of this group
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I just put you on my spreadsheet!  I'll get your name on the next list :)

I try to start a new list every weekend, but I've been slacking lately getting through the end of my finals.
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Bridgette- Great job! I couldn't have said it better myself.xoxo
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Thanks ! Good luck on your finals !
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Gina - Thanks!!!  I finished them all up and am done for this semester.  Whew, now I'm taking my next semester off just to concentrate on me, my husband and my disaster of a house - LOL

Lori -  xoxoxoxo
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I'm on count day 32... waiting a couple days, taking a test. If I don't get AF, I start Provera to get AF, and then Clomid... then it will be my first IUI :)
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I'm CD5 on this NECOT.
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Good morning ladies!! Passing by to sprinkle some baby dust on this train. ***************
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Bam- Once again great job on keeping track of everyone.  And i also want to thank you for all the hard work you put into this, it is very much appreciated.  
Your awsome!  And I too believe!

I'm officially 1dpo today.  Yesterday afternoon i got major ovulation pains in my right side, it was really bad..it's still hurting a bit this morning...wonder if that mean that the egg hasn't been realeased yet?  Or could it have been released and what i'm feeling in the little bit of blood that came out irritating my tube???  Never the less, i hope we hit the right days this time...bd'ing every two days t'ill ovulation should have done it i hope!..lol  If not then the HSG on the 24th should clean those tubes out so we can concieve next month....Staying positive! :)

Good luck to everyone and I'm sending tons of baby dust to you all.  
Let's keep those BFP coming!!!!  Choooo, chooooo!

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Good Morning ladies.  It's nice to see all the positive atttitudes.  I think it really helps.  I hope there are some more BFP for christmas presents.  I'm hoping I will have some u/s pictures to wrap up for mine and hubby's paretns for christmas.  

Sending baby dust to all!
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Hi everyone! On December 1rst I was happily 11 weeks pregnant with our first baby, no negative signs. On December 2nd I had light spotting w/ no cramps and after my doctor my cervix was tight and I had stopped bleeding all was well. December 3rd I called for an ultrasound so double check and at 3pm my husband and I found out there had been no heartbeat. I called Friday morning to get a D&C ASAP I couldn't deal with picturing my baby from the ultrasound dead in me. Friday at 11:45am I went in. It's crazy that less that a week ago today I was pregnant and healthy. We plan to start trying after my two weeks. My husband said he's ready whenever I am. I feel like once you've expreienced pregnancy and the forming of a baby that when it's taken from you the desire to get back to that is extreme. We're going to be realistic with our next pregnancy and realize it may take a while, BUT that's why we want to hop on board ASAP...sprinkle me with some baby dust too!
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Im so sorry for your loss!! Wishing you the best and tons of baby dust!!
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Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much, been keeping busy. Hope your all doing well.

Princessjam- Good luck to you!

Rossie- Thanks for the babydust!

northernsunshine- keeping my fingers tightly crossed for youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Steph_b- how are you feeling?

hudsy- I'm sorry for your loss. We all understand what your going through. You've come to the right place for support.
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my af is due today but have had nothing so far, think i will get it in a couple of days though as keep getting twinges. good luck everyone xx
1131112 tn?1321043773
Thank you, I look forward to when I can put up pictures of my baby's ultrasound!
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Thanks Bridgette =) Just realized we had a new thread.... I'm slow finals and papers are draining my brain.  Wishing everyone lots of SSBD.  
773214 tn?1295138669
Tausha...maybe it's not the finals that are draining your brain :)  Maybe it's baby brain? :)  

Lori...how are you feeling?

Welcome to all the new ladies :)

So...CD15 for me today.  And as I suspected, I really dont think I o'ed until around today unlike my temping suggests.  Today my temp was down below the coverline and I also got a positive OPK today.  Also, I have had some pain/cramping and even some brown/pink spotting which I had once before around O time.  We will bd tonight though I am completely exaughsted from my cookie baking day today!  Then I guess I'll just see what my temps do the next few days....hmm...everything always has to be so complicated!
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Good evening ladies!

northernsunshine - I LOVE the positive attitude!  I've got my fingers crossed for you too XXXXXXXXXXX

Rossie - thanks for dropping off the baby dust :)

Hudsy - I am very sorry for your loss.  As Lori said, this is a great place to vent or spread joy!  I've got your name on my spreadsheet, so I'll get you added to the list on the next go round.

Same goes for you rachellou06!  I'm back on my game now :)

Tausha - boy do I know where you are coming from!  One of the exact reasons I'm thrilled to be taking a semester off!
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Dana---lol well today is what CD 24 or 25 I can't even remember lol thats terrible...but I am expecting AF on time I think we missed all the "fertile days" this month.  Some how we are always super busy during those times. Those opk's confused me also but i'm still gonna buy some more for this cycle coming up =)  I will be out of school after this week until Jan 10th so I am gonna really try to BD at the right times.

ha ha I am really slow she posted this yesterday and I was CD 24 so I guess its CD 25.  I promise I don't always act like a blond.
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Tausha- sometimes things happen when your least expecting :) Any news on your little boy?

Dana- I'm doing a little better everyday. I'm praying that you hit it this month!

Bridgette- i'm sure i'll be ready soon for your unsolicited opinion ;) xoxo
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Coming by to send out lots of SSBD!!
Lori- I'm glad to see you back on the train already. I regret not trying immediatly afterwards...I always wondered if that would have been the month and all of the pain of trying for so long afterwards would have been avoided.
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Good morning girls. Passing by to sprinkle loads of baby dust on this train. ***************
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Good morning ladies,
    Well,yesterdays D&C went well.I stayed in bed all day while my DH took care of me. He was great!!! I was cramping alot but then last night it just stopped This morning when I woke up I was surprised to find that I am hardly spotting or cramping at all.In fact I feel better today than I have in the last 3 months! This was the best decision to have the D&C and finally be done with it. I am so glad that it is finally over with.    
Today I am going to start the 3 day diet to help jump start my weight loss.Next week I will begin exercising,basically jogging and some sit-ups. We are going to Florida December 23- January 3.I am so ready to get away from everything and get a fresh start on life!!!
   I really want to thank all of you for your thoughtful notes and well wishes.You are the best!!!! Thanks again for being their for me through the good times and the bad!!! Sending you all hugs and lots of BABY DUST!!!!
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