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Cycle Buddies - 9/19/10

As promised ladies - A New List!!!   CHOO CHOO ~ Full Steam Ahead!!

Waiting to get off at the BFP Station:

Dolphin05 - CD 28
michelledj - 11 DPO
GinaGi - CD 20
northernsunshine - just chillin at 2 DPO

Riding that train full speed ahead:

jenni1187 - CD 13
12121980 - CD 11 - first IUI!!!!
queenspade - CD 7

Getting ready to hop on the train:

Bernie40 - CD 5
hudsy - CD 4

Somewhere in between:

smr/Lori ~ taking a shower :)~

Sprinking TONS of baby dust on all my TTC'ers!!
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Bridgette- Your the bomb!!!! LMAO!!!! I don't know where everyone went to but I sure hope they're just busy BD'ing!!!!  Not sure how long i'll be somewhere in between, but for now i'm still gonna keep track of things on here so thanks for keeping me on the list.xoxo
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Glad you liked it Lori :)  I guess on next weeks list you'll be at Wal-Mart??

Stopping by to drop off a daily load of SSBD!!  Happy Monday :)
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Thanks for the list bam.........so much energy in the thread that i couldnt stop.. stopping by,,,,,,

Lori-- Waiting for you.. to join us.. actively!!! Take care....

WeLL... MY first IUI is on wednesday.. i have to take my trigger tonight 11.30( i am freaking out abt it) like watched sooo many videos as to how to take the shot!!! and yes the IUI is at 3.30 on wednesday.. But i was wondering abt the timing... the iui would be actually 40 hrs after the shot.. wont that be too late??
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Bridgette- HAHAHAHA!!!!!  Seems like i'll be living at Wal-Mart for a while, got alot of shopping to catch up on ;)

Joy- I hope I get to get back on the train actively soon! I should be starting Chemo soon so maybe by summertime.....HOPEFULLY! Saying tons of prayers for you and sending you the stickiest baby dust I could find!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure about the timing but maybe you can ask Bridgette(bam).

Adding this for the h*ll of it =)
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Good luck on Wednesday Joy!!  I'm not entirely sure about the timing of the shot, but seems to me that puts you right in the 24 hr window that the egg is released and still able to be fertilized.  If I remember correctly, I took my shot at about 6:00 on a Thursday night and had the IUI at 10:00 on the Saturday morning.
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Thank You Ladies for the Wishes... I HAD my IUI Today and it was notthing....... just hoping that it works!!!
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and dropping off a load of extra SSBD!!
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Thank You Lori and Bridgette !!! The waiting began and just trying stay calm and not to think more abt ttc... we are shiftting our house this weekend.. so something thats keeping me busy now......... and just hoping that 2ww finishes fast and i get to test soon......
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Good luck with your IUI Joy! Fingers crossed!

So I'm 5 dpo today and tomorrow is the due date of my ectopic angel... I'm having a rough time with it but took the weekend off of work so I can be alone with my thoughts for a bit. I thought for sure I would have been pregnant again by now but it's obviously harder than it looks. We plan on planting a tree tomorrow in remembrance of our baby so I'm sure it will be an emotional day. Sorry I haven't been around much but I feel like this is the place where everyone needs positive thoughts and reinforcement and I haven't been feeling very positive so I wanted to keep my negativity to myself I guess. Good luck to everyone ttc this month and I hope we see a lot of bfps! SSBD!
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Hi ladies, been keeping occupied for a few days, joined a gym!  So I haven't been taking much notice of where I am in my cycle, just got a shock when I saw i'm 6dpo already.  Started getting lots of cm a couple of days ago ewww (tmi), don't usually get hardly any.

Joy, fingers crossed for you hon.

Jenni - big hugs hun, I think planting a remembrance tree is a lovely idea.

Bridgette - hope you are keeping well and enjoying your bump.

Lori - think about you daily hon (( ))
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Don't forget to add me :(
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Hi girls! Dropping in to see how everyone is doing. I'm doing much better, skin graft is healing well and I should be starting treatment soon. Hopefully by next spring/summer i'll be back to myself.....PRAY!!!!!

Joy- can't wait to see if we get to kick you off this list.....tons of prayers!

Jenni- i'm sorry I missed your post:( I hope your day went well, planting a tree, what a beautiful idea. I'm sure your angel was smiling down on you. ((hugs))

Helen- i'm crossing everything I can for you!!!! I can hardly wait to see your name glowing on the other side ((HUGS))
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I can't wait to kick some more ladies off of this list!!  Joy and Helen I hope you are next!!

I'm sorry Boricuamrena - I'll get you on the next one!!!

Jenni - planting the tree sounds like such a lovly idea :)  I hope it gave you some peace.

Lots of SSBD to all!!
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Ok CD 14.....I started ov. pred. testing yesterday....it's my first time doing them but I want to make sure I'm actually ovulating since my last cycle was almost 9 weeks ;-(. Well I'm back for the third time and it better be my last!!!!!! Look forward to encouraging

Lori- glad everything is going well and I pray that you're back to yourself sooner than you think!!
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Jenni- ya it's a place with positive attitudes but it's my outlet to vent when I'm angry......whether it be at my pregnant SIL or friend who complains about gaining weight. It's a place you can be negative and hurt and nobody will judge you because we've all felt it!!!
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Thanks to all of you for the words of encouragement! It's so nice being able to gain some understanding with all of you, it really means a lot. The tree-planting went well, and it was definitely emotional. I had also bought this pregnancy journal when I was pregnant and since I was never able to finish it, I put a note to our baby on the back page. I know the pain and the hurt isn't over, but in a way it felt like a little bit of closure. It doesn't mean I'll ever be done grieving, but I felt like I was laying my baby to rest finally. But at the same time I'm focused on my tww, so I'm hoping if/when AF arrives, it won't hit me harder. I'm 11dpo today and for some reason putting a lot of pressure on this cycle with the "am I or aren't I". And I have five baby showers (for six babies) for close friends to go to this month, so it's bittersweet I guess. AF is due tomorrow or the next day so only time will tell...

You all are the only reason I'm sane lol. It's nice to be surrounded by strong women who know EXACTLY what you're going through!
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Jenni- I will say that there is nothing wrong with not going to someone's baby shower. Even if they are close friends. I've said no to about 5 already and in the past year next week will be my first baby shower I'm going to, because it's the first one I'm emotionally ready for. Be careful not to put too much pressure on this month....After a few months like that me and my hubby had to take a break because it was starting to add strain on our marriage. It wasn't til we stopped worrying and took the pressure off of us that we conceived. I'm hoping this time around being more relaxed will help us conceive asap......here we go again!!! :-)
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Jenni - I totally agree with hudsy about the baby showers! If you don't feel ready to go, then don't.  Don't feel pressured, because any true friend will always understand.  There is  also the last minute excuse you can come up with.  Just take thing in your own time and heal at your own pace.

Dropping off some more SSBD!!
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hudsy and Bridgette - Thanks for the advice, I honestly didn't even think not going was an option. But you are both right and surely they would understand. And hudsy I definitely agree that I need to stop putting so much pressure on ttc. I usually go into it saying that I'm going to relax and not worry about it, and then the tww obsession just seems to take over every time I feel the slightest ache or twinge. I'm trying to think of things to distract myself. And it didn't really help that this past cycle I was on vacation for my tww so I had all the time in the world to analyze every "symptom", so hopefully I can relax more and just try to stay busy and keep my thoughts elsewhere. Thanks to both of you for the advice and understanding. How many cycles of ttc did it take you (any of you) until you finally conceived?
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Jenni - the tww obsession is awful isn't it, every month I tell myself I'm not going to obsess but I always do :(

Well I have flu and am feeling very sorry for myself, worried that if by some miracle I have conceived that all the medicines I've been taking will cancel it out :(  I'm 15dpo today and AF due on Sunday.  I have low down cramping and on and off ewcm???  Other than that I've felt too poorly to notice anything else.

On top of that I'm stressing as my eldest son and his gf had a condom split and although she went and got the morning after pill her AF hasn't arrived yet, now 2 days overdue.  They are only 16 :( :( :(  how cruel would that be ...
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Jenni- It's easy to say relax and don't stress but not easy to put it into action...it's one of those things that just happens when you're at peace. I know everyone's situation is a little different but I wanted to kill everyone who told me "everything happens for a reason" But after 2 MCs one at 11 weeks and one at 10 weeks and two D&Cs later...after all the pain and nights crying I was able to actually admit to myself that I have loved getting to sleep in with my hubby and watching movies all day and going out for drinks and having margaritas at home and I'm learning to treasure the moments we have been able to have just the two of us. My close family friend had 3 MCs in 13 years of trying!! :-O one of which was a $10,000 invitro where she found she was having triplets and lost all 3! she gave up  and the next year conceived her daughter, she told me this not trying to discourage me but telling me it's all God's time, and when we let go of "our time" things fall into place. She told me the best thing to do is stay busy and plan a lot of little things, do things that you won't be able to do after a baby....like take a day trip somewhere you both haven't been, set up a wine tasting night with a few other couples, buy the game "catch phrase" (it's AWESOME) and have some people over and have each couple bring their drink of choice and appetizer of choice....it's SO fun and super cheap! Once I started doing all that sort of stuff I was able to find some sense of peace in the fact that I have my husband....some women don't even find love until 40 or 50 and we found it now! Be soo thankful for that and don't take it for granted or waste this time stressing over a baby. After my first D&C we tried for 2 months Bd'ing almost everyday!! after two negatives I lost it. We started using condoms and doing all the above mention things and decided to splurge on a trip to the Bahamas. 5 months after my D&C we conceived and found out right after our trip, we MC'd again at 10 weeks. The second one hit us harder and we were more angry this time. But Somehow talking with that same family friend it put everything into perspective again. She told me "Do you have a husband you loves you?....I mean really loves you?" I said "yes" and she said "then you already have something that majority of women who have children don't". We decided to wait until AF came and start trying after and I had a 9 week cycle! Which sucked but it gave me time to get back to my good place. This month we tried and I'm in the TWW and I'm content. Partly because I'm not tooo excited to be pregnant again because I don't want MC again and so it's easier to put it in God's hands and know I have NO control over any of it! Sorry this is soo long, I hope you were encouraged
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Well ladies... IUI dint work... beta came back negative... i think i am gonna take few months off....... its been a very stress full ttc since more than 2 years.......

Good Luck and SSBD to alll............
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Im so sorry Joy.  I know how disappointed you must be :(  BIG HUGS!!
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