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Cycle Buddies - February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!!  Cupid is going to be busy today and I can't wait to see who's next to open their special present!

Headed straight for that BFP station:
memorales/Melissa - ??
treatgirl - CD 41
Gailybaby - CD 34
PrincessJam/Jamie - TWW
northernsunshine - 12 DPO
babyhope08/Ana - CD 23
Megs2Girls7/Meghan - CD 23
MissmyAngel/Theresa - 9 DPO
texasangel - CD 23
ilovemyson23/Michelle - 7 DPO
Wishing628 - TWW
Fuguitive06/Nancy - CD 21

Riding that train full speed ahead:
Need_Answers - CD 19
1angelbabyM - CD 15
smr/Lori - CD 12
bam/bridgette - CD 9
12121980/Joy - CD 11
hudsy/Alicia - CD 9
lori0615 - CD 8
Wannababy10 - CD 7

Somewhere in between:

ByFaith_08 - Waiting for 1st AF
preciouspg/Denise - on a break
anxiouslywaiting/Tausha - on a break
Jenni1187 - waiting to TTC

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Phew Bridgette, I don't envy you doing this, lol!  Still spotting :(  very frustrated but wondering whether 1st AF could be just around the corner, feel crabby, boobs lumpy and aching, so you never know.  I just want to get BD'ing and TTC LOL

Fingers crossed for all of you waiting for the BFP.  Hugs and baby dust to you all xoxo
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Bridgette, thanks for all your hard work! It's so great to keep moving ladies off of this list. We've followed most of them from the very beginning and it's truely a blessing to see them go to the other side. In my heart I know it won't be long and I will be seeing many more of us on that list. Sending many prayers and much SSBD to all of us reaching for our dream. xoxox

P.S. 8 arms would not freak me out. ((HUGS))
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Lori... to add to your post on belly buddies... I thought with all my bad luck since the MC that it wouldn't happen on its own.
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Vanessa, you are just the inspiration that we need around here :)
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Lori, I agree Vanessa is the inspiration for us to keep going!!

P.S. I'm glad because I am sending all the hugs I can your way ((HUGS))
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Thanks again Bridgette, they are making you work pretty hard these last few weeks!! There are only a few of the "veterans" left on the list. Bridgette, you and Lori have to move to the other side..I love yall but yall got to go =) lol

Vanessa I was looking at you tracker and noticed you had started bcp maybe that helped regulate something even though it was only a short time?  Or did you do anything else different? lol maybe I should keep taking mine.

**************************************SSBD to all*****************************************
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Hey girls.....dropping by to send SSBD!!!  I now can believe that IT CAN HAPPEN ladies....I didn't do anything different this cycle, in fact, I O'ed the week I was sick with my sinuses so we did it the day I got my smiley and the day after, and then we didn't bd for about 4 days....

I did, however drink my grapefruit juice and noticed more ewcm....

Tausha..I did have a friend who had a late term m/c and she had trouble getting her cycle regulated afterward...they put her on bcp and the exact month she went off it she got her bfp.....so its possible!  Hang in there! :)  
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See Dana, that grapefruit juice paid off :)

Bridgette, right back at ya :)
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hye gurls well yesterday I finally got some answers the witch showed up and it was all over! LOL! its okay though Im still on the train for the next who knows how long wiht you all! :)

good luck to everyone testing and SSBD.. I jsut cant wait fort he wtich to be outta ehre so we can get down tot he business! LOL!
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Good morning ladies!  Sending lots of SSBD your way!
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Morning Girls! Well it's cd13 for me and i'm having a hard time not thinking about it!!!! I did good the first few days but now it's O time and I know what needs to be done, sheesh is this hard! LOL

Gail- sorry about AF:(
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