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Cycle Buddies - January 1, 2010!!

Here's to a new year full of hope and joy!  Don't give up ladies; remember to always Believe.

BFP station just around the corner:
hudsy - 15 DPO
Dmarie/Dana - CD 40
smr/Lori - CD 28
nunu1977/Vanessa - 12 DPO
rachellou06 - 5 DPO
preciouspg/Denise - 3 DPO
PrincessJam/Jamie - 1 DPO

Riding that train full speed ahead:
bam/bridgette - CD 20
northernsunshine - CD 12
Nikkij6577 - CD 10
gokuangel - CD 8
Fugitive06/Nancy - CD 6

Getting ready to catch the next train:
ilovemyson23 - CD 4
1angelbabyM - CD 1

Somewhere in between:
ladyashia/Judy - Ann

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I am so happy that it is 2010!  I can't wait to see what this new year brings us.
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I hope it brings us lots of babies! :)

Bridgette...yes I did take a supplement...Calcium D Glucarate which is just supposed to remove old estrogens but I dont know as if it would really effect my cycle that much.  It might have effected when I would O?  Oh who knows....I'd stop taking it, but the reason I took it in the first place was to see if it would help my neck/head aches i've been getting before/during AF...and that purpose would be defeated if I stopped taking it before AF!  Well....I guess I will wait a few more days...

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I'm at CD8 today.

Still not on the crazy train yet, but chuggin right along.

Hudsy- no intense exercising. I actually have been pretty relaxed since my D&C. I think it's just spotting still. It's only been 8 days. Have you gotten any sign on AF yet or did they do any beta testing to make sure you got back down to 0? I have been reading that some women take a lot longer to get to less than 5 so they take longer to O and get AF. Do you know what your betas were before your MC? Mine were at 23,000 so I might take awhile, but I think they will test mine Wednesdays on my 2 week checkup and see where I'm at.

Happy New Year ladies! Cheers to 2010 being our year! Lets shoot for March having all the current members over to the Belly Buddies! (=
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Hats off to you once again Bridgette, your amazing!!

Welcome to all the newbies! Well, cd28 for me so i'm just hanging in there(praying)!
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Happy New Year everyone!!!

Bridgette would you add me to the thread...I finally got my af after my m/c....I am currently in CD11....thank you

Best wishes to all.....sending lots of SSBD
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Hello ladies,  Happy 2010 to everyone! May all our dreams come true this new year! :)

Bridgette awsome job once again!

smr- My prayers are with you and I'm sending you tons of the super duper sticky baby dust!  Come on BFP!!!! Keep us posted.

DMarie919- i hope you get some answers soon. i can imagine how frustrating it must be.

I'm on cd13 today and I'm just starting to test with the opk's for this month....hope i get my positive soon...trying the new methode of waiting for positive before getting busy....hope it works.

Tons of baby dust to all! And tons of luck & health in the new year!

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