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Cycle Buddies - March 21st

This new train is a rolling - can't wait to see more BFPs!!

Headed towards the BFP station:
Need_answers - 13 DPO
uptowngirl - CD 26
treatgirl/Chelle - CD 25
trying_x_3 - 11 DPO
Jenni1187 - CD 23
smr/Lori - CD 20
1angelbabyM - 2 DPO

Riding the train full speed ahead:
bam/bridgette - CD 17
lori0615 - CD 14
12121980/Joy - CD 12
Megs2Girls/Meghan - CD 9
northernsunshine - CD 9
Gailybaby - CD 8

Waiting to hop on the next train:
memorales/Melissa - CD 5
Wannababy10 - CD 4
bernie40/Helen - CD 1

Somewhere in between:

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Great job Bridgette!!!!! Hoping to shorten this list even more!!! SSBD to all of us!!!!
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Yeah I'm finally officially on CD1, thought it would never happen after so many false starts and even this one took a while to get going, need to chill a bit i think as I've been sending myself doolally with all the "is it AF, isn't it AF"

Fingers crossed for all those on the TWW and lots of SSBD to everyone xx
1055658 tn?1300845290
Wow this list keeps getting shorter =o( I'm sooo happy for the bfp's but I'm sooo sad for my bfn's. This is so frustrating and it makes me want to cry. For some strange reason every time it's O week I get sick. Everyone around me is preggo...I just want mine. =o(

Sorry to be a downer. SSBD to all!
919101 tn?1368109937
Awe..You kicked me off the list Bridgette. lol Its ok...I'm still not leaving =) Not unless I am added to the other list.

Bernie- Glad your officially CD 1...it ***** but its a starting point. Praying you get to that BFP.

1106081 tn?1289166025
Good to see u back Bam!! Another train... and i am sad.. i am hopping in this train gain... wanted to get kicked lol  ;) ...

CD13 and waiting for the O.... No experiments this time.. just the parental and baby asprin... i just started it this cycle... hope it gets me my sticky bean!!!

Sending loads of baby dust to all the lovely ladies out there!!!
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Awwww Tausha, I'm sorry!  Bad bam, bad bam!!  I'll have to go fix my spreadsheet, I don't know what happened.
1024452 tn?1323708817
Good morning ladies!!  Just popping by to send SSBD to everyone!! Good luck everyone!
1225070 tn?1344709174
Glad your back BAM!!!

12 DPO - Nothing, no symptoms no cramping, no nothing!!! SO not letting it get me down though! Still silently hoping for bfp...SSBD to all!!
1225070 tn?1344709174
Glad to see you're still here, don't give up on your dreams!!!
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Thanks hun, couldn't keep away lol.  Fingers crossed for you xxx
927829 tn?1297268639
Well ladies, it looks like I had a chemical pregnancy. I started spotting and cramping yesterday and this morning I'm bleeding heavily. I'm thankful that it happened this early at least.

Hopefully next month will be more sticky for all of us!
693804 tn?1304720474
Morning Girls!

Helen- glad to see your sticking around. We can all endure this together :)

Meg- it's ok to be a downer, I think everyone on this list has felt that way.

Tausha- thanks! Maybe by the time Bridgette makes the new list we'll be able to kick you off!!!!

Joy- I started prenatals and baby asprin this cycle to, now i'm waiting to see if af shows.....hopefully not!

Eirlis- i'm so sorry. I just had the same thing happen to me in Nov. and I felt the same way, if it really had to happen better early then late.((HUGS))
594189 tn?1386916607
Morning everyone, how are you guys doing? I'm on CD 15 and I think it might be 1 DPO, will know more by tomorrow. I never ovulated before CD 17 so I don't know what is going on. I decided to push out my dr appt for next monday till June. I seem to be ovulating regularly now.

I'm looking for someone who knows alot about BBT to look at my chart. My temps for last month and this month changed alot. The pre O and Post O temps changed by alot for the last two months.

Makes me wonder if I'm finally regulating after 1 and a half a years.

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Eirlis so sorry hun, to get that bfp and then for it to be gone is hard, good that you are remaining positive though xx

I've got the Doc tomorrow, should be interesting.  My "AF" is rather weird, on and off and lots of jelly like stuff -yuk tmi and hardly any red today at all which would make it the shortest AF in my history!  Got a cold as well which is making me feel grouchy, not to mention it rained all day, grrrr.  Still I am not as grumpy as I sound, promise!

Better go feed the family.

SSBD xxx
1225070 tn?1344709174
eirlis - I am so sorry hun, it ***** either way...just take care of yourself and remain positive.

bernie40 - let us know what the doc. said, sorry your af is crazy! Maybe grouchy is really pms? I should know, I have it all month long lol!!!
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Eirlis sorry to hear you had to go through that...keep the positive attitude you will get your sticky little bean.

Just wanted to stop by to say thank you to all hope to see you all on the other side very soon....sending lots of SSBD to all****************************************************************
1145691 tn?1291478338
Aw, I'm so sorry Eirlis :(

I'm glad to see you back Bernie40, even if AF is driving you mad!

Just wanted to send everyone lots of SSBD :)
1024452 tn?1323708817
Erilis - I'm so sorry you have to go through this yet again.  I will be praying for you!
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Eirlis - I'm so sorry :(  We're here for any venting that you need to do.

Keep all the SSBD and positive energy coming girls.  It seems to be doing wonders for our list and with sping coming, it is the time for new life!  Get busy and happy BD'ing!

I *think* I O'd yesterday, but temp still down today.  If it goes up tomorrow like it should, then I'll be starting the stupid progesterone again.
927829 tn?1297268639
Thanks all. My RE's office says this happens sometimes with IUIs and it's still possible I have a viable pregnancy. My gut says probably not though. Anyway, I have a blood test and ultrasound tomorrow morning to see what's going on.

Good luck everyone and thanks again for the kind words.
1205897 tn?1304815216
Hi ladies!! Af finally ended, and I am looking forward to ovulation! Hoping to see a ton of bfp's this month :)  It finally feels like spring here, so I am in good spirits for this upcoming O!

Eirlis- So sorry to hear about the chemical pg. Praying that it will happen for you soon, and this next time, it's super sticky :)  

Lori- Still hoping for you that you and your hubby get that b-day gift of a BFP!!!

Sending SSBD to all trying and in the TWW ;)

919101 tn?1368109937
Bridgette =( Why does the progesterone have to be stupid?? lol Cheer up Sweetie!!  I know its frustrating....but we will all eventually get to the other side.
1162021 tn?1312543445
well, cd 2 for me today, af arrived on time yesterday, felt so sure that this was my month, but ja, back to the drawing board, wish there was a way to speed thing up. just want a bfp, is that so much to wish for? oh well.
SSBD to all
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Tausha - the progesterone is stupid because it's messy, a pain to remember twice and day and makes initmate relations with the hubby next to impossible.  I just hope it will be worth it in the end!  Temp rose a little this morning; although it's still not my typical post O temps.  Guess I'll start it tomorrow.
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