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Cycle Buddies.....May 22

Here we go again girls! I can't believe how tiny our list is becoming, soon it will be non-existing!!!!!

First off I have great pleasure in removing some names from our list and shipping them to the other side! WoooHooo!!!

memorales/Melissa - Good Luck!
Gailybaby/Gail - Good Luck!
need_answers - Good Luck!

Now for one i've been waiting to remove for a long time...I sit here crying as I write this, not because she's leaving, but because she's starting on a journey that she has waited so long for. I met her almost 2 years ago when I joined MH and she has helped me through so much. When she text me with her BFP I was happier then when I received my own. I have 3 children and feel that every woman deserves the chance to be a mommy, and she finally got her chance. I look forward to sharing this journey with her and meeting my new cyber niece/nephew! Now with great pleasure and tons of tears(happy ones) here it goes.........

bam/Bridgette & P'Nut -  enjoy your long 9 month stay on the other side!!! We'll miss you here but your now where you belong. Hopefully i'll see you there soon. All my love!  Pillar to Pillar ;)

Full Steam Ahead!!!

raelou/Rachel - CD28
treatgirl/Chelle - CD24
bernie40/Helen - CD22
smr/Lori - CD18 but I really have no clue!!!
12121980/Joy - CD17
northernsunshine - CD13

Getting Closer!!!

princessjam/Jamie - CD11
anxiouslywaiting/Tausha - 4DPO (welcome back)
jenni1187 - CD7
wannababy - CD4

Somewhere in between!!!

uptowngirl - on a break

If I missed anyone I'm so sorry. Now lets get rolling so I don't have to do this list anymore!!! SSBD!!
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Well now I started bawling all over again!  And it's not pg hormones, it's the wonderful friends here that I made on MH.  Lori, you know that time and time again I have said that God put us both here for a reason.  Pillar to Pillar ;)

P'Nut and I are spreading all our lucky SSBD juju to you fantasic ladies!  Can't wait to see you on the other side!  Don't give in and don't give up.  Miracles DO happen!  I believe that God helps those who help themselves, so keep the faith ladies and while following your dreams, don't lose sight of your blessings.
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holy cow Lori...it really is short!!

Yay Bridgette!  I'm sitting here holding Emma, thinking about how much joy that little peanut will be bringing you this time next year.  You'll just love getting pooped and puked on, because it also means you'll be getting hugs and kisses and momma's, and wobbly steps and smiles and coos, and the list goes on and on, and watching (I say girl) her blossom because of your love and nurturing.  Poor Charlie. =)
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Ah you missed me :( CD13....but it's ok I'll probably be here a while :-)
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Bam- that was so super sweet :-) Thanks for the positive words
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Missed me too!   But in all fairness, I just got back on the train.  Congrats again to Bridgette!  
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Awwwwwww, i'm sooooo sorry that I missed you two :( Forgive me...please.. I think you were both on a break when I did the last list and I used that one to go by. I just added you to my paper list so I promise I won't forget you next time....unless i'm kicking you both to the other side =)

Bridgette- thanks for the encouraging words. Can't wait to join you, we're destined to be belly buddies even if we're a few months apart:)

Aileen- we're gonna make you work!!! LOL
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