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Hello I am new to this group.

In October 2011 I had a miscarriage. My husbands sisters I am pretty sure are happy about it because they don't want us to have children yet because we are 19 and 20 almost 20 and 21. So since the miscarriage we have been using condoms. I want to have a baby though idk what to think or do because both my husband and I are in college. Anyways I am a week late on my period and have gotten two negative pregnancy tests. Although I am super tired ad emotional and feeling nauseaous. About a week and a half before my period one time I had pink mucus when I wiped and then the next day I have light brown discharge that went away by the time I wet to the bathroom. I just dont know what to think. It's so hard because I have all my friends that are pregnant or have their children.
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So any update?  Did you end up pregnant?  You are very young and have a whole life ahead of you still.  So much changes in your 20's and you might want to enjoy the years before considering children.  However, some people's only heart's desire is to have children and if you are one of those people than you should follow your heart.  Don't do it because your friends are pregnant.  It is a huge responsiblity and you have to be financially and emotionally secure and ready for it.  If you are pregnant than congratualtions!  But if not, make sure this is something that you really want and don't worry about how others will react either way.  It will be your baby to be responsible for and to care and love.
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   Hey girl. I know how it feels to really want a baby and go through a loss. I had a miscarriage after being around the 3 month mark. it was tough but I didnt give up and I still havent either. What does your husband say about kids? does he want them as much as you do? I know dealing with others especially family members can be a challenge. But if you and your husband really want to have a baby then I would say go for it. There are so many of us now that get pregnant at a very young age and still go on to have their dreams. I mean granted it makes it harder being a parent but that challenge of working toward your dreams and being a parent at the same time just makes it that much more gratifying when you accomplish it. How did this time turn out? I know like I said I really want a baby too. Actually I was 9 years old when I first knew I want 4 children. A lot of my childhood friends now have children and there are a lot of women pregnant I see everyday that or with newborns. I wish you both the best in anything that happens
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