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How long to wait to TTC after loss???

Hello, I lost my baby girl at 20weeks on Nov 24, 2010. I was induced and delivered vaginally. I also lost a 24 weeker 17 years ago ( a baby boy)   due to placenta abruptio. With my daughter I pprom'd at 14 weeks but tried to carry her to term. The cord prolapsed at 20 weeks and the docs said that was the final straw and induced me. She was stillborn. We don't know why I pprom'd in the first place.

I'm 35 years old which is considered advanced maternal age. At my postpartum appt the docs recommended that I wait six months before TTC. My partner and I were disappointed with this long wait. As it took us 3 years to conceive our daughter. We finally conceived with iui w/ clomid. We want to start TTC naturally and if it doesn't happen go back to our RE for assistance. I don't want to wait 6 months though. I'm thinking we should wait 3 months and will ask my RE what he recommends.

I was curious to know if anyone conceived within 3 months after a 2nd trimester loss and if they had a positive outcome. The docs that delivered my baby is stating that there is a 30 percent chance of miscarriage if I conceive before 6 months. Of course I don't want that but I miss being pregnant and feel I'm ready. I grieve for my son and daughter and know they will forever be part of my life. I'm not trying to replace them. I love them both very much. I just want to be a mommy to a baby I can bring home and watch grow. I still have baby fat from my daughter and I hate that all I got to show for it is a memory box. I'm grateful for the memory box but I would much rather have her.
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Well I don't have an exact answer to the questions but something to think about. After my loss I learned I had a 2 cord placenta which can be a sign of issues. I did read that it's more likely in women who have had multiple births. My other son was just 10 months old when I got preggo so I wonder if the issue was due to my body not being ready yet? I know it's hard to wait...sorry for your loss...
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I also lost my baby on the 24th of Nov i was 17 wks, i was at a follow up appointment yesterday and the doctor said that I could start ttc as soon as i feel ready, that there is no medical reason why you should wait 3 cycles or 1 cycle even. I really hope this helps you out. I'm in the same position myself, hopefully 2011 will bring all of us who are TTC good news soon.
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I also had a m/c in November and I was told so many different things.  My family doctor told me to wait one cycle then I could try again. I followed her instructions and I am now just waiting.  Hopefully all of us will be blessed with a baby on the way early 2011!!
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