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Is testing early worth it?

Hello everyone.  This is my first day posting as i am very new to this. Last month i took a pregnancy test 3 days early and it was faint positive. I took 2 more test that were a different brand the following day and they were faint positive. I made a doctors appointment to confirm the pregnancy and when they tested my urine the pregnancy test negative.  They gave me a blood test and later that day the nurse told me that my HCG levels were really low and at the same time i started miscarrying. I had a chemical pregnancy. I was really down about the miscarriage because my husband and i had been trying for our 3rd child (prayerfully a boy). I cried every time i thought about it, but what amazes me is that if i did not test before i missed my period, i would have never known i was pregnant and i would have thought that my period was late with heavy bleeding and bad cramps. I didn't know how common chemical pregnancies were until i had one. I dont blame ttc women for testing early because at times we cant wait to miss our periods before we test. But i believe that regardless if we test early or late, if its in the lords will, we will have the baby. Ever sense i miscarried, i have had second thoughts about testing early. I wonder will my feelings about testing eventually change.
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First of all welcome to the forum... i'm still relatively new to this too but this site has given me great comfort during a really hard time. I can completely understand your concerns regarding early testing, as i am only just testing negative now after a missed miscarriage in january... Me and my oh have been given the go ahead ttc straight away and its going to be impossible to wait till im due my period again before i do a test, espacially as in my case my period may not come for 6 weeks. I know the right advice would be to wait until your atleast one day late before you do a hpt, as you say yourself, chemical miscarriages are common and it could save you some heartache... but i know this will be a lot easier said than done.

Sorry i've not been of great help, i just wanted you to know your not alone.

Good luck and buckets of baby dust coming your way xx  
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Thanks for replying. I have to develop patience when wanting to test so early. Next time i will wait until i miss my period.
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I never had patience either.  I tested starting 4 days before AF arrived.  Every month I would tell myself to not test early then as it got closer I couldn't help myself.  Good luck and I hope you have a BFP soon.  
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Unfortunately, 25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and many of these being very early pregnancies. If you use a very sensitive pregnancy test, where you test before the day your period is due, you could catch an early pregnancy and end up going on to have your period anyway due to a very early miscarriage. If you had waited to test until your period was due, you wouldn’t be aware that you had a miscarriage. Some women will find it very hard to deal with this sort of emotional roller coaster...and every month i say i won't test until i miss my period i fail and i find myself testing 5 days earlier and ending up with disappointing Negatives!
the best way to avoid disappointment is to wait 3 days after a missed period :)

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