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Hello! I had a miscarriage on 10/31/2012 & I tried using fertility drugs to help me conceive because I know  chances was probably going to be slim and the drugs was over the counter but I think it cost a cysts on my left ovaries and im not sure if the cysts would cause me to not be able to get pregnant my boyfriend is using the pull out method and he know how much a Baby would mean to me but its like he just dont care I just need answers because doctors not telling me anything :"(
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Caused sorry ^^^
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Hi I am sorry to hear about your loss. I have also turned to fertility drugs as well to help me to conceive. But, my order hasn't got hear yet for me to be able to tell you how effective it does work but, what I am trying is called Fertibella and you can go to www.fertibella.com and get an awesome ttc kit for free, the only thing you have to pay for is shipping. I have read all the reviews and there are many success stories. When I know more i will let you know but if u want any advice or info on fertibella just reply back to me...good luck!
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