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New here...TTC PCOS and previous Miscarriage

Hello...Have not been on MEDHElP forums since we were ttc with out daughter back in 08.  We have just started TTC baby number 3 which will be our 4th pregnancy due to a past miscarriage.  I have PCOS and this is our first cycle trying.  I did not temp or take any fertility meds this round so far.  (Had to use clomid to conceive DD)   I always have long or longish cycles, Sometimes I miss a few months in between due to the PCOS but lately they have been pretty regular in the sense that I have had a period every month but never 28 or 30 day cycles....34-40 day cycles seems to be where I sit.       Any ways the first day of my last period was August 31st.  I did not use any opks but noticed egg white cervical mucus around the 22-23 of sept.  We did some baby dancing before, on and after those days....that last date i tracked that we had sex was the 24th.  I have had mild cramping on and off, tender breasts and headaches & back pain for the last 2 weeks or so.   Yesterday when I wiped there was a tiny amount of blood so I assumed I was about to start my period and was of course dissapointed....but when I woke up this morning nothing else had happened...no blood or cramping.  Then today I had a small bit more of pink-redish and brown in my panties but still no cramping or blood so I am PRAYING it is implantation bleeding which I did have when we got pregnant with out daughter but so far still BFN tests.   I am on CD 37 and around 12-14 days since I think I ovulated.  Seems a little bit late to be having IB since that is usually days 7-10 i think but I am just praying I conceived or ovulated a little bit later than I thought.   Since we had sex on the 24th I guess it is possible it is IB.  Anyways I didnt intend this to be long...I went down the TTC road for a year trying with our daughter so I pretty much know all the info.  Guess I just wanted to say hello and have a little support as I am going crazy waiting for either a full AF or a BFP!!!     Thanks if you stuck with me reading all of this LOL  
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