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New iPhone App!!! I've been waiting for this one :)

I know there are quite a few of us here, who access MH through our phones (or iTouch).  I just found out that they finally released their O Tracker App.

MedHelp's Very Excited about their new iPhone App called My Cycles!    It's Now Available and is Free!



MedHelp has recently launched their first iPhone app called My Cycles!  The My Cycles app helps women track their periods and ovulation and predict future periods and fertile windows. It's great for women who want to keep track of their monthly visits from Aunt Flo, schedule vacation plans around predicted period days, and track their basal body temperature and other signs of ovulation because they're trying to conceive.

You can download it for free here:


I can't wait to try this!
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The app looks awesome.  I wish it was available a few months ago when I paid money for apps that do far less. I think I purchased two that I don't use right now anyway, but the one I found the most helpful was almost $7.  This is so great.  It even syncs!  Wow!
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It does look really cool.  I can't wait to get to work (wi-fi) so I can download it!  I've been searching for a good app ever since I got my iTouch.
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about time! im going to download it now!
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