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Oh no....bleeding....Help

Can someone please tell me the most detailed description of the difference between harmless spotting and miscarriage blood? I mean what it looks like and how much.  I am just over 7 weeks. I am having bright red blood each time I use the bathroom. I am not having cramps. It is on the paper but not enough to leave more than a drop or two on a pantyliner.  I have a sensitive cervix, and I have some bleeding sometimes during sex, but I didn't do anything to irritate it ... don't think i did....I am thinking miscarriage??? It is getting less and less, but I am stressing. I don't see a dr until Monday morning.
Thank you everyone.
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I had a missed miscarriage and D&C back on November 5th. So it wasn't a natural M/C. From what I have heard it is extremely heavy bleeding with cramping and lots of blood clots. I hope everything is ok. Please let me know what you find out from the doctor!!

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With my mc at 5 weeks it started as dark brown spotting that progressed to light/bright pink that started to show up on panty liner in addition to wiping. I never had heavy bleeding or cramping. I passed what looked like a clump of tissue/blood and that was my baby. About a week later, I bleed what seemed like a normal af for me.  After that my hcg was below 5. I was going in for weekly labs to track my descending hcg levels.  Also, I took my bbt the whole time, so I knew when my temps dropped after a +pg test that I had a mc.

Now, a good friend of mine had bright red bleeding that filled a pad up every hour in every pg and she went on to a full term delivery. She had a very sensitive cervix her OB concluded and that caused her bleeding.

Keep us posted on what your doctor says. And if you really start to worry, don't hesitate to call your OB's after hours line or go to an after care place or the ER. It is very scary when this happens but keep in mind bleeding doesn't always mean mc.
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