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Our Journey to December

Thought that was appropriate.  SO.....how was your weekend???  Mine was awesome.  Took 4 tests...all BFP!  The ones yesterday were really dark so that's a good sign.  No BB pain yet.  Should I be worried?  I have cramping on and off.  Yesterday, no cramps until afternoon....could be because I mowed the grass and ran the vacuum.  DH pulled the mower cord for me so all I did was walk behind it.  Exercise right?  He was busy putting breaks on my car so I didnt want to bother him with it.

Haven't told anyone except my sister.  Waiting until Mother's Day to tell my mom.  I still am very worried and in disbelief.  

How about you?  Any news?  I know you have your appt. on Thursday.  You will have to tell me how it goes.  I know you will see a healthy little bean in there!  I just have a good feeling about all of this.  There is a reason we met.
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Very appropriate!!!! Can't believe we went from cd 4 to our new journey to our journey to Dec!! So glad we decided to stay friends!! My weekend sucked, I felt fine on Sat, no morning sickness, no boobs pain...which of course worried me lol!! Sunday boob pain returned, morning sickness was absent until I ate a salad, then I was gagging!! I ended up feeling like I had the flu on Sunday, cramping, headache, dizzy, couldn't get off the couch, DH cooked supper and I hit the bathroom gagging...uhh!! But happy to have any symptom at this point!! Don't worry about boobs, I have heard some ppls never hurt and some don't hurt until later on!! Now instead of having a flat tummy and skinnier butt, you and I'll be fat by the end of summer lol!! Wouldn't trade it for the world either!!

Don't worry, stress causes all kinds of problems! Once you take that digital, you'll probably believe it...That's when I did!!

Will let you know how appt goes!! My appt isn't till 1:30, so I am taking half the day off!! You'll be the first I tell!!! You were the 1st after DH to know I was getting positives...and he didn't even believe them (couldn't see them either lol) Hope we both see healthy beans and you're right, there is a reason we met and I have that same good feeling about both of us!! December just can't come fast enough!! STICKY BEANS STICKY BEANS STICKY BEANS
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So I am leaving work and going to get a digital test.  I hope it works!!
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Ok....it's official...I AM PREGNANT!  Still having abdominal cramping....is that normal?  Very regular as well...TMI I know.  I get these little piercing tinges in my sides every once and a while....is that normal?  

Ok enough about me....how is your little one?  2 more day til US....so jealous!  I didnt even call the doctor yet.  SHould I do that this week?  How is DH?  I have not been very kind to mine for a couple of days now...I attribute it to the hormones.  I am a super B**** right now.

Is the doctor going to check your levels?  Are they doing anything different this time? I know it is a sticky bean so it doesnt matter.  YOu are going to have a babies first Christmas this year!!!  :)
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OKAY...I still cramp too, am ONLY regular while pg lol tmi!! I got the piercings in my side too at 5 weeks, freaked out thought tubular, until it switched to the other side, posted a question about that and it NORMAL lol!!

Little one is fine I guess, boobs not as tender, m/s has backed off although I just get the tinest bit nauseaus at times...gagging this morning lol!! Time just wont go fast enough for that appt!! Yes call the doc, if anything else for reasurance, maybe they will see you early!! DH is b***** lol!!

Don't know about levels, am going to push for them to be checked when I get there, am also pushing for ultrasound if they don't want to give me one, don't know if they'll be doing anything different!!! And you're wrong, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABIES FIRST CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I'll keep praying for our sticky beans and you keep doing the same!!!!
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I am glad everyone seems to be crampy while pregnant.  It worries me to no end but I have to learn to relax.  I will totally relax in about 36 more weeks...LOL.

I called the doctor....they can get me in on May 7 which will be about 6 1/2 weeks.   I can wait...I think.  

I am glad the M/S is not as bad.  I remember I had days that I couldn't get it to stop and then the next day I would be fine.  Who knows.  Kids!  Gotta love them.  

I dont know if this will be babies first Christmas for me...I am not due until the 29th so I dont think I will be early.  It will be kind of nice to relax around Christmas though.  I will be done with work on the 22nd of December since that is the last day of school before break for the kids.  I won't go back until the middle of August.  That should be a nice break.  

I will keep praying for your sticky bean.  I just figure all of these cramps must mean she/he is really working him/herself into my uterus for the long haul.
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Well, in my experience, cramping is really good, you know I never had cramping or pain with either miscarriage!! SO if I'm cramping, I'm happy!!

Glad you called the doc...am so jelouse that you'll get to be seen at 6 1/2 weeks, but with the 1st m/c at 10 weeks, 8 weeks seems kinda good to me especially since you can see more!!

I went home for lunch, peed, went to the kitchen to get my pizza rolls out the microwave...and threw up in the sink lol!!!!! I have to say I feel much better now though!!

You will be so close to your due date by Christmas that it'll still be babies 1st, and don't tell me you're not going to have something under the tree for your little boy/girl, cause if you did I'd call you a liar lol!!!! Sounds like a nice break!! Wish I was getting that kinda break too!!

Lets both keep on a praying for those sticky beans...I've named mine E because his/her last name will start with an E!!! Goofy I know, but the first one was called peanut and it helps me think more positive with a name attached. They are both settling in for the long haul...oh, almost forgot, I had the weirdest flutter/numbing/tingling feeling all the way across my abdominal last night, any idea what that is? I figure just my uterus stretching, but it was almost like being tickled (it made me giggle)!!
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