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Pregancy after miscarriage.......any success stories?

I had a miscarriage Jan. 5, 2013, with my very first pregnancy. I'm 18 and am so hurt and miserable with my loss.
I joined this group and this site to seek help, support, and opinions from others.
I am no longer bleeding, my hcg levels are pretty much 0, and i am ttc. My bf and I are having sex regularly, i'm taking prenatals, and eating healthy. I'm still wondering if it's too soon, if it's safe?
If i do get pregnant soon after my miscarriage, i was wondering if anyone had any success stories with pregnancy after a miscarriage? It would really help me. Thanks ladies!!
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Hugs, I know how much you are hurting. I have had two MC so far, my last one the end of Aug. On our wedding anniversary. I don't have a happy ending yet myself but I'm not giving up yet, and neither should you. You are a young healthy lady and if you keep your chin up and don't give up you can still have a baby. Talk to your Dr. ask and see what they think. I am 35 so they have been running tests on me to see if there is something wrong, they are all coming back fine, so I will keep trying. The human body is an amazing and resilient thing, if your Dr. thinks you are ready to try again and you and you bf are ready emotionly then go for it! Best of luck, and hang in there
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Hey. I'm 19 and had a miscarriage in August last year and am currently 15 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a healthy baby! =D I know this is a late reply but I just thought I'd give you a little bit of hope.
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I had lost my first baby on august 10,2010  just shy of 6 weeks. my baby was due 3/30/11 and got pregnant right away again with baby girl(due 5/26/11,born 5/19/11) who's now 2 1/2  and ended up on bed rest at 24 weeks with her because the fluid was low around her and they gave me a strip test that tested positive for amniotic fluid. It was a scary experience and I got pregnant after her pregnancy 2 years + later and  I ended losing a baby boy  at 22 weeks  on 10/18/13 who was due 2/21/14. I was told to wait a year after my daughter's birth. I'm on the fence about trying again in another year or so now.
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