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Pregnancy Workout?

Once I gain some energy from this first trimester I would really like to start some sort of work out routine but I was wondering if any of you used a particular dvd or anything.  I have been looking online and I am confused on which one to go with after reading the customer reviews, etc...I am not a hardcore type of girl but I don't want something TOO easy either....any recommendations?  Once the weather gets nicer I will try to get outside and walk.

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I have Netflix and there was an prenatal yoga instant video that I did when I was feeling good. After I got over my sickness and before the back pain. I really liked it though and it feels really good to get all stretched and loose feeling.
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Steph - was the prenatal yoga on demand?  I actually signed up for a prenatal yoga class at the YMCA and I love it.  

DMarie919 - I found the candle light yoga on demand on Netflix was really good, and nice and relaxing.  
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Hmm...I don't have netflix...maybe I should check into it.  We have on demand through our cable too but I haven't searched for a pregnancy workout....maybe they have one!
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I don't have a video or anything, but I hit the gym 3 days a week. I just do some light cardio (making sure I am never short of breath) and mini crunches on an exercise ball, and them some light weights on machines (they aren't very heavy so that I strain, but I do lots of repetitions so that I can still feel the burn). I have been going this whole time through even my last pregnancy and I think it helps me with the symptoms. The only symptom I really have is fatigue, but I just take a nap after I get home.
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It's on the instant watch list. I just set my laptop up and watch it.

Dana..Netflix is only 8.99 a month for one movie at a time, but you can watch lots of things instantly online. So it ends up being WAY cheaper than even renting a couple of movies a month.
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I didn't even think to check out my netflix.  I will have to give that a try tonight :).  

I have a few pregnancy workout DVDs, on is yoga and one is a light cardio.
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I have a yoga dvd that I got for christmas that is still in the package...lol... I am ashamed!
But, I am not that lazy I promise.  I walk for 30 minutes 4 times a week at least.  I have a treadmmill at home, so I use that if it's raining and I do some stretches.  I really need to do some light workouts for my arms, but I figure lifting the baby when he/she comes will get them right back into shape.  
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