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Pregnant and strep B infection

Hi ladies, So I just found out I am seven weeks pregnant we also saw heartbeat. I am happy but  scared and nervous same time. This will be my third pregnancy, I dont have any child yet. I have had two early  m/c (July 10 and Oct 10) both time we didn't see heartbeat.after several tests they found I have MTHFR mutation ( heterozygous ) so I am on folgard/ prenatal and also on Lovenox shots daily ( 40 mg). This time we want to be excited but probably will take some more time, if evrything goes well. However today when I called my OB/GYN office to know the results from the several samples they took during my visit ( last Monday) nurse told me I have Strep B infection and asked me to take medicine ( probably they will prescribe me Penicillin antibiotics). I am obviously upset and stressed about all these and why all these happening to me and if i  can have a stress less pregnancy.I have some questions for you my friends please answer.
1. Have any of you had similar infection/ or have heard about this?
2. is taking  antibiotics this early be harmful to developing baby?
3. Or I just dont take anything and wait for later pregnancy?

Please pray for me and for my baby. I really need this.
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My story is very similar to yours - I had 2 m/c in 2008, one in July and another one in October. I found out I was pg again on Valentine's day 2009 and like you, I also tested positive for Strep B. My midwife told me that there was nothing to worry about, they'd give me antibiotics as soon as I'm in labour. When I went into labour, they gave me intravenous antibiotics every four hours until the baby was born and she is now 16 months old. I was told that the Strep B bacteria comes and goes so antibiotics can get rid of it at that time but it is likely to come back again.
Hope that helped.
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Thanks for your reply. Yes, thats what I read generally Dr dont treat this infection so early. Well, my doctor gave me antibiotics and i took that. I will be tested again. i hope I dont get this infection again.
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I know if you test positive to group b strep, you probably always will. It can be dangerous for some, but antibiotics don't really help. I would make sure you wear cotton undies and wipe front to back. One thing that can help is drinking lots of cranberry juice. If you have a homeopathic doctor near you, you can also go to them for alternative methods of treatment- not that they will be 100%.

Hang in there and keep your head up!
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