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So scared

Hi ladies, it's been a weird and not particularly pleasant few weeks.  I always knew that if I were lucky enough to get pregnant again i would be a worry wart but as it gets closer to my 12 week scan I am becoming more and more scared :(  Not only that but I have this blasted "alien" (cyst) inside me which we are still no nearer making any decisions on.  I'm doubly worried at the moment because I've had a lessening in symptoms, nausea gone, tiredness nowhere near as bad and boobs not hurting anywhere near as much.  Then this morning I've had a teeny tiny pale pink on the TP after having intercourse :(  When I say pale I mean very very pale but of course it just compounds my deepest fears that yet again I'm having a missed miscarriage.

I know there is nothing anyone can say to help alleviate my fears and I'm just reaching out to you wonderful ladies who know exactly where I'm coming from and won't think I'm being "hysterical".

Sorry for the downer :(
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Sending you lots of hugs Helen!  Hang in there; I know how terrifying the first trimester is.  I actually didn't start to relax a little until half way into my 2nd trimester.
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Sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers. Remember around 12 weeks is when you should start loosing some of the pregnancy symptoms and spotting after intercourse can be normal. Keep the faith and try to take one day at a time that is all you can do.

If you are like me once you start feeling movement it will make all the difference in the world

Take care and god bless you and this beautiful baby
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Thanks so much for the support ladies, it may sound silly but I had the same dream 2 nights in a row and when I looked up there meaning it said that I was going to get good news and that there was a birth ahead!  Ok, so I wouldn't stake my life on dream interpretations but I'm willing to grab hold of any hope that comes my way right now.  I've had no more spotting and had a read around the internet last night and mol6541 you're right, it seems that slight bleeding after intercourse can be normal and is to do with the cervix rather than the uterus or baby, that also helped ease my concerns.  Really beginning to have a little hope now that Friday will bring good news on the baby front.  They are also scanning to check what's happening (if anything) with my cyst and I see the gastroenterologist next Tues to discuss the findings.

Bridgette I hope all is going well with you, not long now???
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I couldn't agree more with Mol && we will all keep thinking good thoughts for you! Also, I totally believe in dream interpretation and how we can use dreams to relieve stress and find answers in our subconscience mind and from higher powers that be. The mind is a very powerful thing!!! Try to stay as positive and rested as possible. KMFX for you!
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My prayers are with you.  Stay positive and get a lot of r&r. Wishing you all the best.
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Hi Helen! I'm sorry your feeling this way but ask any of us ladies that have had a loss and we'll tell you that it's completely normal to be hysterical! I'm praying for you all the time and sending you and your bean a great big cyber hug! xo
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You ladies are wonderful!  Had a little bit more bleeding today, still fairly pale and yes we did have intercourse again - soooo, no more intercourse!!!!  Going to spend tomorrow with some special friends to keep my mind off Friday.

Thank you so much xxx
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I to have alot of anxiety i am 17 almost 18 weeks pregnant. I lost my little girl Kyra on Dec 16th 2008 i was 27 weeks pregnant. Every dr appt i get anxiety attacks and i go to dr every 2 weeks cause i am diabetic. I understand how u feel hopefully after we have healthy pregnacies we will be less anxious
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