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TTC after medical management

Hi Everyone,

I decovered on the 16th of jan at 10 weeks pregnant that my baby had only grown to 7weeks, and that i had had a missed miscarriage. Both myself and my oh are obviously devastated, this was our 1st pregnancy and we'd been ttc for about 6 months prior. i've opted for medical management to help clear everything out as the doctor didnt want to do a D+C as i dont yet have any children and there are risks. I go into hospital to have the 2nd part of my treatment administered tomorrow, and although im a little nervous,and very sad, im just ready for it all to be over and to try again. i would love to hear from anyone with a similar story, but my question is this.... can i ttc as soon as the bleeding stops?? if i did try and by some miricle concieved straight away, would it show up on my routine check up scan thats due in 2 weeks?? i would hate to get pregnant again and the doctors to think it was still "product" from this pregnancy...  
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I also faced a natural miscarriage since November 17.I was at week 6, and it took me 1 year to get pregnant.
My doctor also didn't want to do a DC.He gave me some medicament to help my uterus to be cleaned.
It is been 10 weeks and still i didn't get my period. I am bleeding every 2 weeks. My doctor said that i should give it some time to be cleaned.
I did some pregnancy test before, and it shows positive result, but it was a false alarm.
However; having noticed some blood and some tissues passes from time to time may raise some suspicion of having some remnants of the miscarriage inside your uterus.
I don't know what to say, except their is a lot of cases in this forum that shows a pregnancy after miscarriage.But first, u need to be cleaned from any remaining clots from your previous miscarriage.
I feel a little bit depressed, i can't wait to be pregnant again.
I will keep you updated and i am ready if u wanna talk.

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firstly, thank you so much for your reply. I've just got back from the hospital from having my "medical management" treatment, but i still haven't pass the "product" (i'm using the medical terms as i guess it helps me to cope a little better :(. I have to go back in 2 weeks to see if all is clear, but all i can think of now is thats its not worked, that this nightmare hasn't ended yet and that i can't ttc till it has. I really hope it happens tonight so i can try to get back to some normality. It seems that we're going through similar expieriences and as horrible as it is it helps to know im not alone. Thanks again and please keep me updated, as i will you. i would love it if we could both be successful in the near future xx    
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I'm sorry for your loss. I had a missed miscarriage at 11wks on my first pregancy after TTC for over 2 years. Unlike you, I undergo D&C.  I had the D&C aug14th there were blood every now and then and I was cleared from any spotting, sept2nd. Then had my period sept22nd. And just had my 4th cycle this January.I should wait up to 6months before TTC as per my doctor. I haven't TTC yet since my DH is working offshore and wont be back until april.He left in July  when I was 7weeks prego.  So I miss the feeling of being pregnant and I would like to be pregnant again. But got no choice but to wait til april. At this point I am still taking vits (folic+b-complex+iron in one tab) & vitE . same set of vits I took before and during pregnancy.I haven't taken clomid for I would as much as possible conceive naturally.But I'll get to that, say first month doesn't work. I'm hoping that I'll get pregnant when DH gets home.

Take your time and give your body time to heal.

I'm sprinkling lots of baby dusts on you!
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i'm sorry for your loss, but thank you for sharing your story... it really does help me cope to know i'm not alone. I think over the last couple of days that i have finally passed the "product" which as daft as it sounds is a relief. I can now grieve properly and try my best to move on.its been a long and painful experience as i'm sure you know. I've been told that as long as i get the all clear on the 9/2 that i can ttc straight away and i think im ready to do so. i've read that some women are very fertile after a miscarriage, but i also believe its a completely personal dission for each woman. it must be hard having to cope without your oh but April isn't far away and i wish you all luck in the world when he gets back.

Thanks again for the advice.

Baby dust to everyone!!!

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