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To much sex?

Me and my guy lost our baby at 8 week in march10 we have been trying every month since then with no luck. he believes in the sex everyday method but since his method is not working I want to try something else any suggestions?
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My husband and I did the sex everyday when we first started trying.  It took us about 8-9 months to get pregnant with our first.  We did lose that one and I was sure it was going to take that long again to get pregnant.  I started using OPK's the second time we tried and we were pregnant 3 months after our loss.  We did not have sex everyday.  I tested my ovulation then we did it during my ovulation time then for the rest of the month we could relax and do it when we felt like it.  I think it felt like less of a job doing it that way.  Best of luck to you.
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I agree with the comment above, in my opinion it would be a lot easier to buy an ovulation test at the drug store. This way you can still enjoy yourself and feel a little less anxious. Wish you the best of luck!
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I totally agree...
My doctor told me every 2-3 days as the sperm needs a few days in between sex to mature in order for them to be strong and live for the estimated 5days inside you!

Just my input hope it helps.. we usually BD a few days before estimated ovulation, the dya of ovulation a few days after so we are covered... no success as of yet but we are thinking its to do with Endometriosis.

SSBD to all ladies TTC in 2011 <3


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You can buy ovulation predictor kits at the dollar store....I am not sure if they are good though. Someone else might know...it is scary if you have been having sex everyday to reduce it because one thinks they might miss the short window, but I would think every other day could be just as effective. I find checking my cervix to be the easiest and best way to go for me...that way I am sure to be having sex during the fertile period and not as much when I am not fertile. So far it has worked for me a number of times. I have gotten pg that way four times, and have two boys and I had two mc's. Good luck!
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