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Worried Mom here ..... HELP !!!

Hello everyone am new to this site and I understand how u all feel . I miscarried @ 4 months in November and had D&C .I never got my period after the D&C so on January 20 2011, I had an appointment with my doctor explain what has happened in the last two months and my missing period which I thought was because I was stressed and  still hurting from the lost of my baby but she tested me and told me I was pregnant and draw blood. February 2 nd I follow up for the results and she determine I was about 6 weeks pregnant . I was stocked surprised and worried all in one . I don't have any symptoms just heartburns and back aches . I have two boys already 8 and 15 yrs old never went through any of this with them . am so worried I cant be happy or excited. My husband has me being as lazy as ever but I so tired of sitting on my butt all day ,but the longer I stand the more pain, any suggestions to help me through September ?
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Congratulations on your pregnancy.  I did not have back pain until later in my pregnancy so I don't know what to say to help you through these next few months.  I used a heating pad on a low setting to help with mine.  I also chose to sit on chairs instead of the couch or lazy boy.  SOmetimes sitting upright felt better.  You can take tylenol if the pain gets too bad.  

For heartburn I took Tums.  They are safe to take as well as gasex to help.  

Good luck to you.
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