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Your Cycles After Miscarriage...Insight Please!

(This post will have TMI..sorry in advance!)

My question is if anyone can offer insight or tell of their experience with their cycles after a miscarriage. Here's my information:

I was on Depo (huge mistake, don't ever get the Depo-provera shot!) for a year after I had my son in June 2008. Last Depo shot was in July 2009. Didn't start my periods again until January 2010 at which time they were coming every 32 days. My LMP was on May 28, 2010. I found out I was pregnant June 30. Unfortunately the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks and I let nature take it's course which took 6 weeks....so on August 23, 2010 I miscarried naturally at 12 weeks 3 days. I bled for a good week and a half, then nothing and then spotting off and on...so it lasted a total of about 3 weeks. Exactly 5 weeks after the miscarriage I started my period on Sept. 28 and it lasted only about 2 1/2 days.

So after af on sept. 28 I tried to keep track of my CM and felt that I ovulated around CD 18. I thought I'd be back to a 32 day cycle so was expecting af around October 30th but it didn't start until November 1 which would have made it 34 days. That cycle lasted only two days and it was very mild (only needed one pad each day) It was dark red blood and no clots. After 2 days there was noting but since then I have had cramping and spotting off and on. It's mostly clear mucus with tinges of blood.

Is this normal after a miscarriage? Do you think I may not be ovulating? I'm looking into finding a new doctor and also investing in some ovulation predictor strips but just thought it would be nice to hear other's experience and opinions.

Also, When my period was late this month I really thought I was pregnant...I had and continue to have....nausea, vomiting once or twice a week, fatigue, dizzy, sore bbs,etc but have taken two tests that were a bfn.

Also I am diabetic but sugars are not abnormally high and my blood pressure is normal so I know the nausea and dizziness is not from that.

Thanks for your input and lots and lots of baby dust to everyone.!!

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First of all, I'm sorry for your loss.  What courage you had to wait 6 weeks for everything to resolve.  As for your cycles.  A miscarriage can really mess up things for quite a few months afterward.  And, there is a possibility you might not ovulate right away, however, sometimes even people without a miscarriage can have anovulatory cycles.  I definitely would suggest the ovulation predictor kits since your cycles may be funny for awhile.  After my miscarriage mine were kind of all over the place.  In fact, the month I got pregnant I didn't ovulate until CD24 which I Would have never known without the predictor kits. I used the digital smiley face clear blue ones and don't regret it one bit.  My only regret is that I didn't use them sooner.  It took me 10 cycles of ttc to get pregnant but it was my first cycle of using the digital tests.  I used the test strips a few cycles but never had any luck.

Again, I'm sorry you are going through this but the girls here are amazing support.  Good luck and take care! :)
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I'm also curious for these answers. I mean, I realize it's totally different for each and every female but it can still offer a general idea.

I thought my cycles were back to normal but not so sure now????
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