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changing sleep patterns

My 6 week old is starting to sleep a little longer but currently he has his longest sleep from 6 pm - 11 pm.  I would like to change that to eventually be a little later at night but not quite sure how to do that.  He cluster feeds about 3 times from 3 - 6 pm then out like a light for 5 or more hours.  How do I start to change this to a later time each day.  I know I cant do it in one day but I would like to make it later and later each night until his long sleep is from 10 pm - 4 am.  

Any suggestions?  My pediatrician already said that the extended sleep is not harming him since he is gaining wait at a rapid rate.  He has gained about 4 lbs already which is much more than expected.  
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With my little girl I wake her up after she slept about 4 hours if it is to early for what I want so she was sleeping 9pm-4am So i started waking her around 11 or midnight and would change her diaper and feed her in the dark room and put her back to sleep and she would sleep till 7am, but she went to bed around 10pm the next night and it went like this for a little while. My little one is 10 weeks. She gained 4lbs since birth.  
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