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help girls dont no what to think or do.. 4 losses and

hi girls im not knowing how to feel right now ... ive had 4losses in the past all around the 9,10 week stages and my coil came away 3 or 4 weeks ago but ive only recently found this out.. anyways i got scared thinking well ive done it 3 times in the last few weeks with out anything so i better go and get a test ... and to my massive shock there is a very faint line there for deffo! so im gonna do a test tomoz as im not even due on again till the 6th of july ..
so i have yet to miss my period but theres deffo a slight line there .. am i pregnant? what will i do? i no i will just loose this baby to as i can never go full term..just dont no what to do.
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   hey. I know how you feel with the losses. They can be hard and especially draining when you are trying to have a baby. But one thing is I have a friend who has had trouble going full term before too. Now she gets some type of treatment from her dr. Usually its not untill shes farther along than you have been but mabye you should ask your dr. about any kind of treatments that are usually for ppl farther along that maybe could be started sooner on you. I wish I remembered the treatment name Im sorry I dont. I wish you luck though and I hope you get the answers your looking for
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Hey girl maybe you need a progesterone because your levels are low and causes you to lose baby. after getting off bc your progeterone levels can be low.
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