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miscarriage questions
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Hi ladies I am new to this community and i too have expierenced what  makes my third miscarriage. My first m/c was around 10yrs ago and then i had another one about 9 months after that one. I did get pregnant again about a couple of years or so later and when i did i had my doctor to run as many tests as possible to see why i wasnt carrying full term and he found out that i have lupus anti coagulant disorder which is a blood clotting disorder and i had to take lovenox shots everyday. I had a healthy baby boy in 2004. when my son just turned two my dh and decided to ttc and got pregnant the first try which was exactly a month after my sons 2nd birthday. I had to take the shots again with that pregnancy and i delivered a healthy baby girl in 2007.. Now here comes my question i had mirena put in after on my 6week checkup after my dd in 2007 and in 2010 i started have pain during intercourse and went to the doctor and it wasnt my usual gyno but in the same practice. he examined me and told me he thought that i had adenomyosis it is kinda like endometriosis but in the uterine walls and he wanted to do a laproscopy to see if tht is what is was. he said after the laproscopy that my uterus seemed slightly enlarged and kinda boggy.. he wanted me to take depo lupron injections and i said i wanted to talk to my dh and do some research on that medication. so dh and i did and the side effect were horrid so we decided against it. I asked the dr if it was possible the iud had anything to do with the pain and he said no way. So when i went back to him and told him our decision not to take the injections he got really upset and nasty with me. I then asked him what my other options were and he said birthcontrol the injections or to get pregnant i was floored because i cannot take birthcontrol pills due to my blood clotting disorder so that was outta the question. I didnt want the shots and it only left me getting pregnant to cure this??? the dh and i decided to get a second and third opinion and they all agreed that with my situation was to get pregnant and it should more than likely cure this... So i went to my reg gyno and he removed the iud and told me it was safe to start trying right away. That was on october 6th we started ttc in november and december and january and i told dh that if i were not pregnant by february that i wanted to take a break an not ttc for a while. i got af in february and bam in march my af was 4 days late and i took a hpt and it was a bfp! i had my hcg levels tested to make sure and got my lovenox started right away and i just couldnt convince myself that i was really preggers so i kept taking hpt ( i know crazy right??) so i found out on a saturday and this was wednesday that i took the last tests i bought the test and went straight to the bathroom and took the test and it had gotten lighter not darker like it was supposed to as the days go on so i thought to myself maybe it was the dye in the test(blue dye) wasnt very strong. I then went to a dollar tree and bought three more tests and took all three at the same time and they to were very light at this point. i started to get really concerned. Later that day i went to the bathroom and when i whiped i seen some brownish colored discharge and thought i am going to go ahead to the ER just to make sure that everything was okay.. They did a vaginal ultrasound and my cervix were closed but where i was only right at 5 weeks pregnant they couldnt see anything else. they then did blood work and came back with my hcg levels were 27 and very low... The told me to call my gyno the next day and make an appointment and told me that i was probably going to miscarry and i made my appointment and my gyno confirmed the same thing... i did not have any cramps whatsoever.. this was on the 23rd of march that i went to the er and on the 24th i went to my gyno and by 3 a.m. i started to bleed and i miscarried completely on the 25th.. I only bled for a day and a half and it wsnt very heavy it was prolly medium and then on the 3rd day it was barely any spotting only when i whiped. then nothing.... here comes my other question i have read that you cant count miscarriage as af but I know for a fact that i have already ovulated and it started on monday and ended yesterday.. Is it really true that you are very fertile after miscarriage? my dr told me that you are very fertile and could get pregnant before you actually have your true af have you all ever heard of anyone ever conceiving right after a miscarriage and not having their actual true af?  Any advice would be so greatful :) Thank you ladies:)

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