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missed miscarriage and now possibly preg again

Hey im new to almsot everythig so everyone pkease help out!at 18 I got married march 24 2012 and found out i was pregnant in may at 5 weeks ans 2 days. At 5 weeks and 6 days the fetus stoped growing but my body didnt recognize it so when i thought i was 8 weeks and 2 days, i started bleeding and my oregnancy had collasped on itself. I got the medication to speed up the process bc j had a missed miscarriage
on may 29 i used the. Medication and everything passed. By june 3rd i stopped bleeding. I havnt bled since and my hcg levels dropped between the time i found out i was losing the baby and after i lost the baby. I go on friday for a checkup. Im statig to have all thw symptoms as before so i took a preg test. It came out positive. Can j be pregnant between 3-4 weeka after having a miscarriage or is it still fron the previous pregnancy?
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