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regular period after 2 miscarriages

Hi everyone, recently ( July-October)  I had to go through 2 miscarriages-both time different way ( first time -no heart beat was detected at 6 wk and 7d- had to go for D&C on  07/15/10 -),  waited one cycle and found was pregnant 9/16/10 and i miscarried again on October 9th, this time naturally.I had heavy bleeding for few days whch slowed down to light bleeding, I did have some period like symptoms and bleeding around 11/5 ( which is about 25 days after m/c) but it was not exactly i used to have my period, this lasted 6-7 days. After that have been having light bleeding/spotting on and off. Then  have  2 days unexpected heavy bleeding on Nov 22( about 17 days after first so called period).My system seems wacky now and dont know how long it will take to get back to normal. I am not sure if I have gotten my periods? Do you think i can start trying? how long should we wait before we try again? if i can do something to prevent this in future? Please help. I haven't started ttc as my doctor asked me not to, until i have one or two regular period.Its almost two months and dont know if I have gotten my period yet. Has this happen with any one else? Should I be concern and visit my doctor? What should I ask him? Thanks a lot in advance.
Thanks a lot.
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