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HSG--Any Advice please??

CD1 Today and i m preparing my self for HSG scheduled in a week.. i heard so many stories abt it being painful and not so painful too...

Can someone advice me what to eat or drink or take any medicine if required before HSG and also what to expect from the test.. this is the first test i am taking and quite worried....DH is all worked up and i donno what to tell him.. so that he can fell better...
How long does the actual procedure take and can i go back home immediately??

I will  be glad to hear your experiences and any advice or suggestions will be appreciated..
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glad everything went well!
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OK guys i finished my HSG today!!! I felt NO PAIN at all..... just litlle cramping thats all.......th tubes are clear and uterus also in good shape......i am so very glad!! I took 500 mg brufen before 45 mints and now doc gave me antibiotics for 5 days......

Thanks alot for sharing ur exp and for the support!!!!
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Thank you Ladies...... My doc said no preparation and when i suggested her if can take any painkiller she said its ok.....

I hope this experience is not so painful .. i can not take pain so well.......
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I had the test done in January, I too took about 400 mg of motrin. I felt no pain at all, and my tubes were clear. I believe you can eat and drink before the procedure? Although mine was done early and I can't remember if I ate anything? Double check with the nurses at your dr's. I wore a pad home, that they supplied, but I got most of the dye out by using the bathroom before I left. Just relax, it's a pretty easy procedure, but definitely take a pain reliever beforehand. Good luck :)
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I had it done a little over a year ago.  Like Jenny said, my dr recommened 800mg of Advil about 45 mins prior to the procedure.  It does go by really quick and is set up much like a pap.  The actual inserting of the dye only takes about 30 seconds.  It causes some slight cramping.  I had to wear a pad for the rest of the day because the dye leaked back out and I had some spotting.  I had mild cramps the rest of the day, but nothing a little more advil wouldn't take care of.  I drove myself to and from the hospital and went immediately back to work after the procedure.
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I had the test done about a year or two ago.  My doctor recommended that I take 800 mg ibprofen prior to the test, which I did.  I had no cramps and no spotting afterwards.  The procedure itself takes hardly any time - in fact it took longer for me to go thru the processing and such.  From your perspective it isn’t too much different from a pap, except they will be shooting the dye in and watching it on an xray machine.  I was able to watch and they explained exactly what was going on.  I highly recommend taking ibprofen beforehand.  My doctor recommended bringing someone with me to drive me home in case I was in pain.  I didn’t need it.

Good Luck.
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Hi.  I had the test done several years ago and I remember having minor cramps afterwards.  I also had some light pink spotting after the test.  I was told that I could take Tylenol before the test to help with the cramping and that's what I did.  I hope you have a pleasant experience.  Good luck!
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