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I Believe

I believe in mind over matter.

I believe in the human spirit to prevail.

I believe in possibilities.

I believe in miracles and blessings both great and small.

I believe that hurdles in life are meant to be jumped over, not as something to stop us.

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Yes I believe as well :-)
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I believe
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yes i believe as well..
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Thanks for those reasuring words!! I beleave 100%
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Wonderful words of motivation -  I definitely need some of that!! Thank you!!
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I am trying as hard as I can to believe. Thanks for the inspiration
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This is so motivating!! I have started to feel depressed abt ttc again.......... this just what i needed.......thank you soo much!!!
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Thanks for the inspiration! I've been kinda depressed today, that was just what I needed to hear :)
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I truly believe
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AWESOME!!!!...Inspirational Message!

Dream It.

Know It.

And It will Happen.
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Im trying real hard to believe.........
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I believe too!!! Love it!!! Just what i need to pick up my spirits!
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Bridgette, I love it!!!! I also believe!
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That's so inspirational Bridgette :) I believe too :)
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I believe too Bridgette, Thanks for reminding me :)
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