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What is everyone using to blend their own baby food?

Our little one is going to be here in about 3.5 months.  I want to get prepared as far as what we will need in the months to come to mix up our own baby food.  I have a large food processor but I don't want to have to get this out every time I want to make the little one something small to eat.

My boys keep mentioning something called the baby bullet or magic bullet?  Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I've used the magic bullet and then I put everything in a ice cube tray with a lid. After that I transfer the food to a small baggie and then I put all the small baggies filled with different types of food into a bigger baggie. I have 1 big bag for fruits and 1 for veggies. The magic bullet does the job, it's pretty small and easy to clean. I don't mind it.
Now that my son can handle actual solids or chunkier things, I actually use the slap chop and it's perfect for making the small bits that he can eat.
The baby bullet looks like it would be good too but I don't have one and don't know anyone that's used one.
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Before I used a cheap little mini chopper from walmart, and it worked good, but it is time to get a new one so I wanted to look into it.  How long do you keep the food you put in an icecube tray?
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I use the baby bullet, it's awesome!  it actually comes with what looks like an ice tray with over sized holes and containers with dates you can change.  It's pretty easy but I just started last month.  
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oh so glad you mentioned this, our sons want us to get this for our baby that is on the way.  Is the cleanup easy?  And is it durable?
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it's really easy to clean, so far durable.
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Just had our baby so getting the baby bullet is on the list indeed, thanks for this:)
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