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When to start snacks?

When has everyone started doing snacks between meals? I was thinking like rice cakes, cheerios...those types of snacks.
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I give Kaelynn puffs between meals. I try not to give them to her very often. maybe once a day and only like 5-6 of them.

She is 8 months
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I usually start snacks when they start eating pretty much what the rest of us have for meals.  Things like you mentioned and the puffs brittny mentioned.  Also cheese cubes are great for snacks as well.
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At about 8 months, we started an afternoon snack if he seems hungry before I get home from work - this is usually plain yogurt with some pureed fruit added, or fruit in a mesh bag .  I also started giving Finn some Happy Baby puffs (the Spinach and Kale ones), but usually only given him these after a meal (when we are trying to eat!!).  He loves, loves, loves these.  They are great practice for his fine motor skills and they are also invaluable when we go out to eat - they really occupy him.  We just started some cheese this week.

The Happy Baby snack container suggests that a baby is ready for this type of snack when they are crawling, pulling to a stand, and able to chew.
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We just started the snacks.

Cheese is good. I also give the gerber puffs. Or cut up some fruit. My daughter loves strawberries. She also does good with animal crackers. These are just some of the things I give her.

I haven't tried the rice cakes but thanks for suggesting. Going to try that.
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