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Already mommies (washing baby clothes)

are any of you ladies having trouble removing breast milk spit up stains? If so, is there anything you do to remove them? It seems as if the more I wash them, the stains are still there. Thanks in advance.
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What works best for my babies clothes is OxiClean baby stain remover. I preteat the clothes and scrub with a brush. Just let it sit for about 20-30 mins and then wash it.
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Also 2 other methods u could try which have helped me too is after washing the clothes, put it outside and let it sun dry, works GREAT. I have no clue why but my mom taught me this trick. Last but not least, go to ur dollar store and get LAs totally awesome spray cleaner, works great as well. Lol hooe one of these works for you.
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Thank you.
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I use shout, when I had my first child that stuff became  my best friend!
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Oxiclean Max Force always works for me.
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Dawn dish soap mixed with baking soda. It'll remove any stain even if its already been through the washer and dryer
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Yes oxyclean spray and gel work really well. Sunning acts as a natural bleach on whites. You can use lemon juice on white clothes. The gel is good because you can put it on stains and it can stay up to a week before washing whereas the spray has to go on ten minutes before the wash and not stay on longer than 30 minutes I think.
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I know of a really inexpensive soap called zote just rub it in the stains and throw it in the wash it takes any kind of stain right out
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I spray shout on them
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