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Bed Buddy!!!

I'm only 4 weeks pregnant and I'm already so tired I could sleep for days! I could have a 12 hour sleep and only feel like I've had 2! This wouldn't normally bother me but it's the fact I haven't told my parents yet and I'm only just nearly 17 eeeek! I don't want them suspecting anything just yet! HELP!  Thank you xxx
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Get used to it sweetie, sleeping a lot is just part of being preggers. I'm 30 wks now and im still sleepy all the time. But get as much sleep as u can now..the bigger u get the harder it is. And as for ur parents, they're prolly gonna be upset either way and u can only hide it for so long. I think u should be honest with them.
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Thank you so much,  I'm just so nervous because in their 'little girl'!!  X
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I was most tired in the 1st trimester but it does get better around 4 moths. Also, I agree that you need to tell  you parents and get prenatal care as soon as possible. They might be angry but its already happened. Let them embrace you and the idea of while ensuring you have proper medical care.

Good Luck to you!
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Good point cubbiesfan, she def needs good prenatal care so her lil one is healthy. And trust me firsttimer, I understand..I got pregnant before marriage n his family is super religious..girl I was terrified! But they have nine months to come around and they will get over it. They're ur parents so they gonna love u regardless :)
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Agree with Kenna! So often people would tell me "God gives you 9 months for a reason" and that honestly couldn't have  been more true. Get your parent's support and assistance as soon as possible. Being pregnant is stressful enough; keeping an important secret multiplies that.

I will keep you in my thoughts and wish the best for you!
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Thank you all so much for your support! Being a media student I've created a video I'm going to sit down and watch with them! Hopefully be a bit nicer than saying 'im pregnant'. I'll keep you updated on how I get on, thank you! Xxx
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