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Breast milk.

I am 23 weeks and I would like to pump milk for my second baby. Only thing is with my first daughter I couldn't provide any milk but this pregnancy my left nipple has started leaking a bit. I didn't have that with my first. Is there anything I can do to encourage my boobs to provide milk? Thanks :)
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At the moment, just continue eaying a balanced diet and drink lots of water but theres not much you can do until shes born. Once she is born, do lots of skin to skin contact, continue a well balanced diet, LOTS of fluids, and try to rest when you can. Theres a tea u can buy called fenugreek to help boost the supply if ur having trouble. I found that eating a great breakfast to start my day helped a lot. Oatmeal, a fruit, and toast is was I stuck to most days. Oatmeal really seemed to get things flowing. Take care
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Thank you destynee2015 xx
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Mother's milk tea
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And the Tra tastes gross, so you may want to mix in some fruit or something else, just a heads up ;) also oatmeal is good for building supply. Look up recipes for lactation cookies.
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THe *tea tastes gross...sorry I am on my phone...so typos galore.
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I just went for Babies R Us breastfeeding class. They talked about some cookies that help you produce lots of milk. The presenter sweared by them, she said she had even more than her baby needed. I forgot what they are called by Im sure you can go to the store and ask.
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Stay away from peppermint, it can reduce your milk. Dill can boost your milk supply. There are others but I can't remember them off the top of my head.
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