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Breast pumps? Which one?

I am planning on breast feeding my little one, but I only have 8 weeks off of work and would like to continue to breast feed until at least 5 - 6 months.  I am only going to have minimal time to pump, so I was thinking I needed something other than manual pump.  Does anyone has any reccomendations?  Which pump did you use and what did you like/not like about it?
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when i breast fed my daughter, i rented an actual breast pump machine. i found that it was way faster and less painful then any of the pumps you could buy. you should be able to rent one from the hospital or most drugstores.
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First of all I would def. wait to purchase an automatic pump bc they are SO expensive, and somtimes, like with me you cannot produce the milk and have to use formula.  Also your hospital rents them for a price that is very appealing. You can practically rent one for as long as you need for less than you'd spend buying one.  I had rented one from the local drug store when I first has my son and was unable to use it and I wish I could remember what it was called, I cant for the life of me. If you do buy one ask breastfeeding consultants at your hospital and I reccomend a double pump so u can get both done at once instead of one at a time! good luck!
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First, I would recommend an automatic breast pump over manual ANY DAY! I have both, but used the manual first as it was just supposed to be for back up. However, using it hurt soooo bad! Medela is the best brand to get. It's expensive but it is the closest thing I have been able to find to breastfeeding with the let down etc. However, i would rent to start off because sometimes you just can't pump the same volumes your baby is able to get. I have been BFing for 7 1/2 months now and to this day I cannot pump more than 2 or 3 ounces. You will most likely never be able to pump as much as your baby can get out of you, but in case you aren't able to pump enough for bottles, I would rent so it's not a waste of money, like mine seems to be. Maybe with number two I will have more luck.

If you do purchase, get the double pump as it is faster if you have limited time. Medela makes different kinds and it tells you on the box which one you should purchase based on how often you will use it and if you use it at home or travel.
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I have the Medela pump in style.  I used it a lot when I was nursing my first, and just sometimes with my second.  But it has lasted 4 years now!  Medela double pumps are considered to be the best, behind hospital grade pumps that you rent.  I have also heard a lot of great things about the Lansinoh double electric pump.  It is like $100-$150 less then the Medela.  If I was to buy another one, I would probably go for that one because of the cost.  When it comes to pumps, I think you really get what you pay for.  Buy a cheap pump, you will probably end up having to get another one.
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I am now thinking that I am going to initially get just a manual pump to use for emergencies during the first 8 weeks that I am off work... after that If I plan on pumping and continuing to breastfeed, I will then buy a nice pump (probably medela), but do not want to spend the money if breastfeeding does not work out.  
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As far as manuel pumps go, I've heard good things about both the Medela Harmony and the Avent Isis pumps.  I've never used them, so I don't know which would be better.  
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I used the Avent Isis with my first, and it worked really well.

I got a Medela Pump In Style this time, only because I got it used for $50.  Yes, I'm sterilizing EVERYTHING! :P

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Medela, definitely medela. They are the closest you can get to hospital grade. I found some great pricing too. Just haven't purchased mine yet. That is next month's or November's purchase with my baby being due late Dec early Jan. The site I found was awaybabyrentals.com. Here is the pricing they emailed to me since dealers are not supposed to post pricing anymore:

Thank you for your request for Medela breast pump prices. Away Baby Rentals is an AUTHORIZED Medela and Ameda Breast Pump Dealer. Our pumps are cheaper than any retailer in your area…Guaranteed! Your Pump includes FREE Shipping, and FREE Support. A NURSE is Always Available for YOU. We will PRICE MATCH other Authorized Dealers offering Free Shipping.

Purchase Pumps 2008 Models: WE PRICE MATCH!!!

Brand New Factory Sealed Breast Pumps

Purely Yours……………….$199

Pump In Style Adv. Shoulder (57027)…….$224 (Reg $229)

Pump In Style Adv. Backpack (57062)…….$224 (Reg. $229)

Pump In Style Metro Bag(57036)….$254 (Reg $259)

Medela Swing Pump(67050)……….$119

Medela Freestyle (67060).....$285 (Reg. $299)

(No Tax Except in NJ)

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Add A Baby Bundle to Your Breast Pump Order:

Bundle A includes: $45
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Bundle B includes: $51
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Personally, I am going with the Freestyle since it has double pump expression just like the Pump In Style ones, but it has a rechargeable battery with the battery power lasting 3 hours, where as the PIS ones use regular batteries.
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